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Smartpocket icons missing on picture page when AdminTools activated


My current mobile theme is Smartpocket  Revision and desktop theme Elegant  Revision 11.1.0
When logged in as SmartPocket admin and AdminTools is activated, SmartPocket displays no icons in the navigation buttons on the picture page.

When Admintools is de-activated all is fine.

For the display of these icons smartPocket uses in its JS-build CSS the selector .ui-icon as defined in ../themes/smartpocket/
However when simultaneaously activating the AdminTools the latter amongst others includes ../themes/default/js/ui/theme/jquery.ui.theme.css in which also an .ui-icon is defined.
As a result we end up with the default .ui-icon background-image: url(/piwigo/themes/default/js/ui/theme/images/ui-icons_222222_256x240.png
This background image is entirely different from the image SmartPocket expects and effectively no icon will be shown.

As SmartPockets has an icon backgroundimage of its own a possible solution could be to rename the SmartPocket class selectors from .ui-icon to e.g. .sp-icon

Or arrange that in case the SmartPocket theme is loaded that the AdminTools plugin is de-activated.
Admintools should remain activated when in the desktop theme like Elegant.

    Piwigo 11.1.0
    OS: Linux
    PHP: 7.3.11
    MySQL: 5.5.5-10.3.13-MariaDB
    Afbeeldingen-bibliotheek: ImageMagick 6.9.10-68

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