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Does it sound like Piwigo would be a good option for my family?

I'm trying to figure out whether Piwigo would be a good option for my family (some members aren't particularly tech savvy...). The features I've been looking for in a photo storage solution are:

1. Ability to automatically upload photos from an iPhone
2. Ability to automatically upload only certain photos from an iPhone (i.e. only certain albums instead of the entire camera roll)
3. Ability to either share one account between multiple family members/devices or link together separate accounts as a family
4. Ability to choose where photos are hosted (I'm not sure if self-hosting using an external hard drive is feasible right now, but would rather not pay to store photos in Piwigo's cloud. Being able to use another cloud provider like OneDrive or iCloud for storage would be a huge plus).
5. Optional: ability to store photos in a shared family folder(s)/album(s) as well as the ability to store photos in a private folder/album 

Does it sound like Piwigo would be a good option for my family?

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Re: Does it sound like Piwigo would be a good option for my family?

What's your exact idea of a "family Piwigo"? To have an archive to browse (OneDrive, iCloud)? Or do you want to share your albums between each other? Or also share with friends/public? Do you already have a web server/web space in use?

1./2. i can't tell as I only use it via PC. But there is an iPhone app as far as I know. However I doubt that any uploads are automatized there.
3. There is a user/group management where you can configure the visibility of albums and put the users into group with different permissions and levels of visibility. So I would say: Yes!
4. If you don't want to use piwigo's cloud, you can always use your own server (it's open source software). I do it too and have very good experience with it. I'm not sure how to link it to iCloud/OneDrive (as I only use my own server) but if you can link your cloud service to the web server where Piwigo is installed it should be possible.
5. As mentioned in 3., there is a configuration. A photo can also appear in different albums at the same time (for example one private and another one public).



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