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Scripts to migrate from Coppermine to Piwigo


I am sharing some scripts I wrote to help migrate from Coppermine to Piwigo. They are very crude and specific to my personal needs but someone might find it useful nonetheless. … on-scripts

It is assumed your Coppermine gallery has categories with 1 level of albums inside, no nested albums.
Names are cleaned as far as was necessary for me, you have to check for yourself if all your filenames are clean (see $conf['sync_chars_regex'] in the local config) otherwise you might miss photos/albums.
I would recommend that you allow spaces in Piwigo.

- Get the "albums" folder from Coppermine
- Make an empty directory "galleries"
- Put archive.php in your main Coppermine folder and run it by visiting
- This outputs a file called `photopaths.csv`, download it to the same location as the `albums` and `galleries` folders
- Run `python`, this will move the files from the `albums` folder to subfolders in the `galleries` folder according to the structure saved in `photopaths.csv`
- Upload the contents of the `galleries` folder to the `galleries` folder in your Piwigo installation
- Import the photos using `admin->photos->add->FTP + Synchronization`

A big thank you to the Piwigo and plugin devs and anyone who posts useful information in the forums :)


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  •  » Scripts to migrate from Coppermine to Piwigo

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