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Can multiple people share a single account?

I'd like to use Piwigo for storing family photos. I don't think having each member of my family subscribe to their own Piwigo account would be practical though - I can see less tech savvy family members struggling to coordinate between multiple accounts, and there's a higher likelihood of something going wrong with one of the accounts operated by those less tech savvy family members. What I would like to do is open a single paid account, and then give all members of my family access to this account. There are four of us total.

Is this possible? I noticed there are individual pricing plans meant for private users as well as enterprise plans "with no limits on the number of files or users", but I'm not sure which would be more appropriate for a small family. Getting an enterprise subscription that costs nearly $100 a month for 100GB for a family of four seems excessive.



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Only trying to help

Re: Can multiple people share a single account?

This is a community forum around the (self-hosted) Piwigo software. For questions about the commercial site and whether family accounts might be available you better ask the support

If you are tech savvy your option might be to self-host Piwigo and manage individual family member accounts in a family group. Precisely if they are not tech savvy it's best to not have them share one account where one can spoil things for everyone..

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