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Editing the about page


There are days I feel like a complete blind idiot and I think this will be one of them.

I saw the About 1 plugin to add an About menu item to the top menu.  Cool. I'd like that.

I install it, and the menu/navbar shows an About item. Click and I get a generic page of stuff. That's a good start. But how do I change it to *my* about info? The plugin doesn't have a configuration page. None at all.

So I start digging in. It displays about.php. I look at that. It has the same date/time as the other files, so I deduce that it's a standard Piwigo item.  Looking inside, it does some language magic on about.html. I find those under the languages.  Not for en_US, but maybe it falls back to UK or GB.  But try as I might, I can't find anything that brings up an edit window. The About 1 plugin has no configuration. Nothing under any of the themes that I have. It's not under Languages. The Local Files Editor comes up blank.

Maybe I'm totally not understanding the point. Maybe it's not for me to add an About page at all. Maybe it's only to bring up a Piwigo about page. The plugin doc doesn't say one way or the other. The totality of its documentation is, and I quote: "Add an "About" link in your menu (first level)". And it's an extension (aka plugin) so totally not the problem of the Piwigo team. But about.php, as I said, appears to be a part of the base system.

Mind, what I really want is just the ability to add items to the menu (aka navbar). AMM does that, but only with a drop down list so far as I can tell. ISTR finding a link confirming that, but it's lost in my browser history.

This has devolved into rambling sorry. The root question would be: How do I put an About item in my navbar/Menu with information about *me* and my work?



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