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Community plugin issues


trying to make use of the community plug-in gives me some headaches...

core and plug-in are the latest build.

I create user accounts and passwords myself, hand the login credentials to them, and add them to a group "XYZ"

I'd like to have all users in the group "XYZ" get the following possibilities:

1. in the /USERS/ sub album a user name based album should be created
   A. where they can create private or public sub albums (like /USERS/username/public/ )
2. where they can create sub albums of /USERS/GROUP/ (like/USERS/GROUP/Party2018ofXYZ/ ) :
   A. private (only they can see them)
   B. group (all users of YXZ can upload pics into all the sub albums in /GROUP/) along the group )
   C. public (public view access, upload like as 2.B.)

Number 1. is working fine. When a user first logs in, a sub album with their user name is created.
Number 1.A. would only be possible if I added a plug-in upload permission to the XYZ group, allowing them to upload / create sub albums for the whole USERS directory, into the albums of all other users, too. No group /private  option then.
Number 2.A.B.C. does not seem to be possible. A community user can't seem to decide if private / group / public - independent of the main folder setting.

I can't manage to set users up to be able to only upload to their own community user sub album, allowing them to create sub albums.

Can't find any respective postings or documentation.

Calling it simple: community users should be AT LEAST be able to create their own sub albums, not letting them alter other users albums.

Tried plenty of settings / permissions and nothing seems to work as expected using this extension...

Piwigo version: Piwigo 2.9.3

Any advise ?



#3 2018-06-17 13:41:29


Re: Community plugin issues

Thank you executive...

I understand I can't put public sub albums in a private album.
But that's not my problem...

I want to know how I can enable users to have sub albums created inside their own user albums (public albums auto created by the community plugin) and let them choose wether these sub albums should be private / group / public.



#4 2018-06-17 22:54:19


Re: Community plugin issues

That is not in the scope of the Community plugin. Community users cannot create/edit albums. Community albums are private.

You can either a) elevate user rights b) create albums for them

You may also be interested in the "User Collections" plugin.



#5 2022-03-28 21:37:27


Re: Community plugin issues

I think that is exactly the point of the Community plugin.  Not to create top-level albums (unless permissions set accordingly).  But community members should be able to create sub-albums within their own album.



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