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Change Email Subject for different message types

Hello all,

Looking for a little help or suggestion. Is there a way to set the message subject differently for each message type. Example when new user registration goes out it can say something like New User Registration... vs Just another Piwigo gallery. I know there is a setting for gallery title email but seems that is used for all email types sent by piwigo. Contact form, new user registration and gallery updates. Wondering if anyone found a way to set these accordingly?

Thanks, Tom

Piwigo 12.2.0
Operating system: Linux
PHP: 7.4.3 (Show info) [2022-04-02 02:11:12]
MySQL: 5.5.5-10.6.7-MariaDB-1:10.6.7+maria~focal [2022-04-02 06:11:12]
Graphics Library: External ImageMagick 6.9.10-23
Cache size 84.68 Mo   calculated 1 day ago



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