#1 2022-06-14 09:49:36


Side effect of chane "height" datatype of mysql from smallint to midiu


I uploaded Large size of images to piwigo, and following error occurs.

[mysql error 1264] Out of range value for column 'height' at row 1 UPDATE piwigo_images SET width=8192, height=122880 WHERE id=95 in /opt/piwigo/include/dblayer/functions_mysqli.inc.php on line 864

I detect the reason.
It is  that "height" data type in mysql is smallint.
Smallint range is 0 ~ 65535, but my uploaded image height is 122880.
In mysql, the insterted value of the height is NULL, so error occurs.

Resolving it may be to change "height" data type from smallint to MIDIUMINT.

Could you tell me the side effect of change "height" data type?



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