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Wifes page is complete, struggles are over lol

Hello all,

first post after many weeks of reading on this fourm, thankful for help from others fixing there past struggles and helping with my own. My wife had her photos across google drive, one drive , samsung cloud , facebook and some others, just a mess lol. So I have recently built a unraid server for media streaming and started looking at solutions for her photos. I liked how Piwigo could be customized to my liking and having a mobile app sealed the deal. This was a bit more advanced then i really was looking for but figured I could figure it out. I have been running a linux headless server for years but have not messed with html or php code before really, so little bit of a learning curb for me. Took about 2 weeks to get all her photos in one spot on my server and then loaded up the Piwigo web service, threw it behind my proxy service. Loaded a test album. Could not get the flutter app to connect, after some messing around , got it connected but would not load any photos, then quickly discovered the Https/Http issue. Found what code I needed to change and all the sudden the app pulled the photos in. Then i started getting port :80 being added when I logged in, which is easy to get it by by deleting the 80 and loading, but that was no good for the wife when she would try to log in. So this happeend when i turned on SSL encryption, quickly discovered there were some with issuies with people behind a reverse proxy using SSL. I think this was about 2 days of my life to get the this fixed, i would fix the ssl , the app would break or vice versa, alot of this is I am running unraid instead of a standard linux distro, dont get me wrong I love unraid, but certain things is had find info on. Anyway, I finally got the android flutter app working good , port 80 issue fixed and ssl strict encryption on, about week 3 at this point. Then now finally start syncing photos from my backend (nextcloud) which is great. Now when ever she takes a pic it gets uploaded to her nextcloud folder and Piwego syncs to that folder. The only thing I have to do now is write a cronjob to auto sync, but haveing a issue with peral on my unraid server to get that service started, but sure I can figure it out, not to worred about it , sense logging in and clicking the sync button takes about 2 seconds.

Anyway that was my runndown, I am not going lie, there was a couple of times I was thinking I made the wrong choice, cause I did have some struggles, but now that everthing is running the way I want it to on my own server, It works really well, really love the flutter (Piwigo NG) integration, thats the main reason I choose Piwigo.

I want to think all the people that posted on the fourm in the past to help me with all my issues, I never posted anything, cause I figured I was not the first, I might have been with unraid lol. But to the PIWIGO TEAM, Its a very smooth experience. I am pretty big into making it mine , or in this case my wifes, so loaded the bootsrap theme, plugins like gdThumb, memories , mugshots and other stuff.

Here is her gallery, just have a demo folder set to public sense this is for her privite photos, but tell me what you think, any suggestions or thiing else. Once again, thank you to all the people of this forum and the Piwigo Team!!!!!!

Piwigo URL:

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