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New experimental PhotoSwipe-based slideshow


I love the Fotorama plugin, but it lacks the ability to zoom, especially on mobile phones. As I mentioned in another thread, I started hacking a variant of the Fotorama plugin based on PhotoSwipe. There's a demo/test here: . The interesting code is essentially [Github] Piwigo-Fotorama file template/photoswipe-content.tpl.

I'm now wondering how to proceed. Initially I thought this would become a standalone plugin, as an alternative to Fotorama. BUT ... there's a lot of code in that deserves to be shared between Fotorama and PhotoSwipe (and honestly, it's rather obscure to me who's not used to Piwigo's code). So I'm wondering whether both Fotorama and PhotoSwipe should live in the same plugin, with a configuration option "use Fotorama"/"use PhotoSwipe", and perhaps "use PhotoSwipe on mobile browser, and Fotorama otherwise" (I really prefer PhotoSwipe on mobile, but Fotorama's thumb mode on desktop is kind of cool also, so choosing the tool to use depending on the client may be nice too).

Any advice on what to do next?


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