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Hello Piwigo user, here come fresh news about Piwigo.

Piwigo 2.8.3

Piwigo version 2.8.3 is available, for fresh installs and upgrades.
  • fixes the fatal error with default settings on MySQL 5.7.
  • fixes a few security issues, reported and patched by Nicolas Bidron from NCC Group Security Advisory. Thank you very much to him, for his time, accurate report and feedback!

Piwigo 2.8.3 release notes

Happy 1-click upgrade and happy Thanksgiving for our friends in the USA :-)

A glimpse on Piwigo 2.9

Winter is coming. So does Piwigo 2.9! In addition to technical and user features, administration pages will get a refreshed look.

React to the upcoming design for Piwigo 2.9

Use the Piwigo forums for questions, suggestions, or new feature requests.
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