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Hello Piwigo user, here come fresh news about Piwigo.

Facelift for 2018 gets a huge facelift for 2018! Started in 2014 by several contributors, plg + mistic + flop + ddtddt, the facelift project needed some graphical skills to get completed. Thanks to Lisa, student in a school of design, the project could go forward. Congrats also goes to Maxime who worked with Lisa to convert mockups into actual website pages. We hope you'll appreciate the result as much as we do!

A) Design
  • the look & feel of the website was reworked from scratch
  • responsive, pages adaptes to big screens as well as tablets or smartphones
B) Content

We have added a new pages with testimonials from users. Kudos to the Piwigo community for the massive feedback we received.

It is now possible to browse all sent newsletters, even those back from 2011.

We have also brought clarity on how Piwigo can be used, i.e. self-hosted on your own hosting or cloud-hosted with

Discover the new!

As said in this newsletter title, we have also pushed version 2.9.3. Many of you already know, thanks to the automatic notification from your own Piwigo. The important news here is mainly the new website!
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