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Hello Piwigo user, here come fresh news about Piwigo.

Piwigo turns 17

Started as a college student project, the project has now moved to the stage of software editor at the heart of an active open source ecosystem: team developers and pull-requesters on Github, beta testers, themes, plug-ins and mobile applications creators, translators, forum moderators, customers and users. Thank you all for being part of this great adventure!

Piwigo 17th birthday on a newspaper

People like statistics so here they come: between 50k and 300k installations worldwide, 300k messages on forums, 320 plugins, 143 themes and 80 languages.

The most significant challenge in the coming years is user experience. While Piwigo has top performance to manage high volume effectively, we regularly receive less positive feedback when it comes to aesthetics, ease of use and "first impressions". Unfortunately, this is an observation made by many similar open source projects. We had to accept that and roll up our sleeves. So we invested in design, thanks to Lisa, Samuel and Hannah, who designed mock-ups to improve things. Some have been integrated, such as the new sites and, others are still to be implemented, such as the new administration or the new skins for the Modus theme.

I personally look forward to this graphic renewal so that the entire Piwigo community can benefit from it.

Wish Piwigo a Happy Birthday!

Piwigo 2.9.5

Piwigo 2.9.5 is ready for new installations and updates.

It's been a long time, nearly 9 months, since the last version of Piwigo was released. We are actively working on Piwigo 2.10 but for now, let's get some bugs fixed on Piwigo 2.9. We fixed a bug introduced in 2.9.4 on the user manager, made Piwigo compatible with PHP 7.3.3, fixed a compatibility issue with Piwigo Remote Sync, updated 17 languages and improved the speed on the album edition page.

Thank you to bug reporters, pull-requesters like Peter Stimpel and our active translation team!

Piwigo version 2.9.5 illustration, with a computer on a desk

Read Piwigo 2.9.5 Release Notes

Meanwhile on Blog...

Piwigo also writes content on blog, here follow 3 recent posts. We hope you'll find them interesting!

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