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<h4>[photo id=xx]</h4>
<p>This tag allows you to insert one photo of any size you want.</p>

  <li><code>id</code> the photo identifier</li>
  <li><code>album</code> (optional) the parent album identifier</li>
  <li><code>size</code> (optional) the size of the photo, from <i>(SQ, TH, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)</i></li>
  <li><code>html</code> (optional) if set to <code>false</code> the tag only returns the URL of the photo, without HTML</li>
  <li><code>link</code> (optional) if set to <code>true</code> the photo is wrapped into a link to the photo page</li>

[photo id=46]

[photo id=46 album=22 size=M html=true link=true]

<h4>[random album=xx]</h4>
<p>There are the same options as above, except that the photo or photos are chosen randomly from the whole gallery or from <code>album</code>.</p>

<p>To display multiple photos use the option:</p>
  <li><code>nb_images</code> (optional) the number of images to display</li>


[random album=123 size=M html=yes link=yes]

[random album=123 size=M html=yes link=yes nb_images=8]

<p>This tag inserts an album in the description, where <code>xx</code> is the album identifier.</p>