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LLGBO improve Header management

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  • extensions/LLGBO2/language/en_UK/plugin.lang.php

    r4526 r4574  
    77$lang['submit'] = 'Submit'; 
    88$lang['Title'] = 'Look like GBo'; 
    9 $lang['Howto'] = 'This plugin permits to change the picture page presentation.<br>Special thanks to all the forum for their precious help   '; 
     9$lang['Howto'] = 'This plugin manage the picture page presentation.<br>Special thanks to all the forum for their precious help   '; 
    1010$lang['Step1_Title'] = 'Plugin settings'; 
    1111$lang['Step2_Title'] = 'Tooltip settings'; 
    1313$lang['llgbo_tooltip']='Display tooltip (thumbnail under button) on mouseover :'; 
    1414$lang['llgbo_exifunderbt']='Display tooltip (EXIF under button metadata) on mouseover :'; 
    15 $lang['llgbo_frame']='Manage frame around the picture :'; 
    16 $lang['llgbo_header']='Header is only display on the fisrt page :'; 
    17 $lang['llgbo_maintain_header']='Maintain header on the following pages :'; 
    1815$lang['llgbo_allinfo']='Display all the phpwebgallery data picture :'; 
    1916$lang['llgbo_usemap']='Add navigation on picture :'; 
    3128$lang['llgbo_tooltip_color']= 'Define tooltip text color'; 
    3229$lang['llgo_global_setting']= 'Piwigo Picture page global settings'; 
    33 $lang['llgo_tooltip_setting']= 'Tooltip settings'; 
    3430$lang['llgo_frame_setting']= 'Frame settings :' ; 
    3531$lang['llgbo_title_frame_color']= 'Title frame color'; 
    5551$lang['llgbo_M_manage'] = 'Global settings'; 
    5652$lang['llgbo_samples'] = 'Samples : '; 
    57 $lang['llgbo_maintain_header_help']='1 - To find the body ID value, display the source code  Ctrl+U with Firefox '; 
    58 $lang['llgbo_maintain_header_help1']='2 - Search the value "body id=".   Sample --> body id="theAboutPage"    '; 
    59 $lang['llgbo_maintain_header_help2']='3 - Copy the value theAboutPage in the text area. Separate the different ID by ;'; 
     53// must be translate  
     54$lang['Howto'] = 'This plugin manage the picture page presentation.<br>'; 
     55$lang['llgbo_frame']='Manage frame around the picture :'; 
     56$lang['Step4_Title'] = 'Header settings'; 
     57$lang['llgbo_header']='Manage display header '; 
     58$lang['llgo_tooltip_setting']= 'Tooltip title'; 
     59$lang['llgbo_M_header'] = 'Display Header management'; 
     60$lang['Step4_Title'] = 'Header  Display/Hide for each page'; 
     61$lang['llgbo_header_home'] = 'Header display on Home page'; 
     62$lang['llgbo_header_category'] = 'Header display on Category page'; 
     63$lang['llgbo_header_category_filter_recent']= 'Header display on Category page :filter by recent'; 
     64$lang['llgbo_header_category_flat']= 'Header display on Category page option flat' ; 
     65$lang['llgbo_header_category_posted_monthly']= 'Header display on Category page option calendar' ; 
     66$lang['llgbo_header_picture']= 'Header display on Picture page' ; 
     67$lang['llgbo_header_additional_page'] = 'Header display on Additional page'; 
     68$lang['llgbo_header_most_visited'] = 'Header display on Most visited page'; 
     69$lang['llgbo_header_best_rated'] = 'Header display on Best rated page'; 
     70$lang['llgbo_header_list']= 'Header display on Random pictures page'; 
     71$lang['llgbo_header_recent_pics']= 'Header display on Recents pictures page'; 
     72$lang['llgbo_header_created_monthly_calendar'] = 'Header display on Calendar page';  
     73$lang['llgbo_header_tags']= 'Header display on Tags page';  
     74$lang['llgbo_header_search']= 'Header display on Search page'; 
     75$lang['llgbo_header_comments']= 'Header display on Comments page'; 
     76$lang['llgbo_header_about']= 'Header display on About page'; 
     77$lang['llgbo_header_notification']= 'Header display on Notification page'; 
     78$lang['llgbo_header_register'] = 'Header display on Register page'; 
     79$lang['llgbo_header_identification']= 'Header display on identification page'; 
     80$lang['llgbo_header_favorites']= 'Header display on My Favorites page'; 
     81$lang['llgbo_header_recent_cats']= 'Header display on Recent category page'; 
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