Technical changes in Piwigo 2.10

[In Progress] "Multiple formats" for videos

When we upload a video (higher than HD) in Piwigo 2.10, it will generate the video in HD to help users to see videos in their gallery if they have a heavy file. To create this feature, we added a new trigger at the end of the upload process called :

trigger_notify('upload_file_end', $example);

The video is generate with ffmpeg in command line and stored in 'pwg_format'.

New badges for number of photos

In index.tpl, in the H2 (breadcrumbs) the number of photos of the current section is no longer in the $TITLE template variable, but provided separately in $NB_ITEMS. You need to update your index.tpl (if not using the default theme one). Replace:



<h2>{$TITLE} {if $NB_ITEMS > 0}<span class="badge nb_items">{$NB_ITEMS}</span>{/if}</h2>

To replace the aspect of badges (actually between brackets), you can add in your theme.css:

.badge {
  background-color: #808080;
  color: black;
  padding: 1px 5px;
  border-radius: 10px;
  font-size: 10px;
   content : '';
  content : '';
dl#mbCategories li {
  margin-top: 3px ;
  margin-bottom: 3px;

Trigger for tag and group deletions

trigger_notify("delete_tags", $tag_ids);
trigger_notify('delete_group', $groupids);

New methods for web API

  • pwg.images.setMd5sum
  • pwg.categories.setRank

Configuration setting

  • $conf['display_fromto'] is now manageable on page [Administration > Configuration > Options > tab Display]
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