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Piwigo is open source photo management software. Manage, organize and share your photo easily on the web. Designed for organisations, teams and individuals.

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High Volume

Piwigo shines when it comes to classifying thousands or even hundreds of thousands of photos.


Born in 2002, Piwigo has been supporting its users for more than 22 years. Always evolving!

Open Source

Source code is available, editable, auditable and extendable thanks to plugins and themes.

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Océanopolis Brest
Société des 3 vallées
Metropolitan University BelGrade
Province de Luxembourg

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I love photography, I travel and shoot various events and so I have quite a number of photos to manage. Coming from those primitive directory-based PHP scripts, I realized I need more. Albums, tags, geo-tagging, privacy management, virtual albums, user management… And all that self-hosted. And thus, I've invited Piwigo to my life. Piwigo has all the functionality I need and it's under an active development so it's continuously improving. I love Piwigo because it's fairly easy to install and then manage, easy to backup, and it's free-and-open-source software.


Photographers & individuals Czech Republic

Previously, our photos were stored on external hard drive and CDs, and indexed in a spreadsheet. A real challenge to find a file! Now it has become very easy and fast for the whole team to navigate through our photo library. Piwigo has completely changed the way we work! We chose Piwigo because the tool was complete, easy to use and affordable.

Rémi, Musée Archea

Tourism & Culture France

Piwigo absolutely delivers on every front. If you need fine control over presentation, have large storage requirements, or need special features like payments or copyright handling (in plug-ins), there is no alternative to this software. My own gallery has grown to 130 albums, and 10GB in JPEGs, with no performance or technical issues. This is great software.

Robert Miller

Photographers & individuals Canada

After using many so called photography specific web hosts over the years, I could never find one with software that worked how I wanted it, always how they wanted it. Then I chanced on Piwigo one day, and created our family website of 4,000 photos. Next I created my own Piwigo website, with my 50 years of photographs in mind. What a joy! Piwigo is the three 'P's - Powerful, a Pleasure to use, and Pleasing to the eye. Thank-you Piwigo Team!

Richard Histon

Photographers & individuals United Kingdom

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