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-====== Technical changes in Piwigo 11 ====== 
-===== tag combination title ==== 
-See https://github.com/Piwigo/Piwigo/issues/1179 and https://github.com/Piwigo/Piwigo/commit/5bf85c982b2b7f3e63fefb2d8cfea7a8bcc9e591 
-===== header.tpl : promote mobile app ===== 
-In the <code html><head></code> section of header.tpl, we have added : 
-<code html>{if $SHOW_MOBILE_APP_BANNER} 
-<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=472225196"> 
-This feature will only work if the theme has it in its header.tpl file, if any. 
-===== plugin "Has Settings" ===== 
-In Piwigo 11, plugins are no longer listed in the administration menu. Instead we have a "Settings" button in the box of the plugin. The button is activated by the old get_admin_plugin_menu_links trigger but can be replaced by the "Has Settings" in the main.inc.php file header. 
-You can replace: 
-<code php>add_event_handler('get_admin_plugin_menu_links', 'pshare_admin_menu'); 
-function pshare_admin_menu($menu) 
-  global $page; 
-  array_push( 
-    $menu, 
-    array( 
-      'NAME' => 'Private Share', 
-      'URL'  => get_root_url().'admin.php?page=plugin-private_share' 
-      ) 
-    ); 
-  return $menu; 
-by the last line "Has Settings": 
-<code php><?php 
-Plugin Name: Private Share 
-Version: auto 
-Description: Share a private photo, with a key instead of authentication 
-Plugin URI: http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid= 
-Author: plg 
-Author URI: http://le-gall.net/pierrick 
-Has Settings: true 
-This will obviously be only compatible with Piwigo 11+. So maybe you can keep both for a while. 
-You can write "Has Settings: webmaster" if you want only users with "webmaster" status to see the link. 
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