Album Permission Status

Administrators can forbid access to albums for users using permissions. Albums can be public or private. Permissions can only be set for private albums.

Prior to Piwigo 2.2, albums were known as categories. This is just a change of name and the concept and functionality remains exactly the same.

Editing permission status

The first step is to make the desired albums private. You have two ways of switching the album from public to private:

  1. by editing a single album: [Administration > Albums > Manage > edit]
  2. by setting options to your whole album tree: [Administration > Albums > Public/Private]

Default status

At creation an album can be public or private depending on configuration and parent album:

  • status = $conf['newcat_default_status'] if the parent album is public. This configuration parameter must be set in the include/ file.
  • status = private if the parent album is private

Status modification rules

When editing album access status, automatic rules are applied :

  • if status goes from public to private, all child albums become private
  • if status goes from private to public, all parent albums become public. We are not talking about cousins, but parents to the root of albums.


Let's have an example, shown in next screenshots. At beginning, all albums (categories on screenshots) are public:

At beginning, all albums are public

Then you decide to set {animals » cat} (the selected album above) to private

All children albums become private

All children albums become private automatically. Then, you decide that {animals » cat » 8 weeks} must in fact be public :

All parent albums become public

All parent albums become public automatically. The parent albums of {animals » cat » 8 weeks} are {animals » cat} (previously private) and {animals} (which was already public)

Users permissions

Permissions are managed by group or by user. For a private album, permissions tell whether the user (or users belonging to the group) can view the album.

Administration screens

Two screens let you modify permissions :

  • [Administration > Users > Manage] : for a given user, click on the permissions icon, you will then see the list of all private albums separated in two boxes: authorized on the left and forbidden on the right.
  • [Administration > Users > Groups] : for a give group, click on the permissions icon, you will then see the list all private albums the same way as for users.

Permissions Rules

Here follows a list a rules used:

  • for a group or a user, forbidding an album makes all child albums forbidden
  • for a group or a user, authorizing an album makes all parent albums authorized
  • for a group, authorizing an album makes this album authorized to all members of the group (same effect for parent albums thanks to previous rule)
  • a user can reach a private album if he's authorized to or if he belongs to any group authorized to reach the album
  • denying a user from a group makes the user lose all authorizations won by belonging to this group
  • a new user has no permission
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