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Piwigo NG for Android

A new Android mobile application for Piwigo is available. This is not a new version of the current official Piwigo app for Android, it's another app, with different technology. The idea is to mimic the more mature, robust and appreciated iOS app.

It's an alpha version, very basic and obviously unstable. We release it so that you, beta-testers in Piwigo community, can give it a try and give us your feedback :-)

A few screenshots from Piwigo NG (Next Generation) for Android.

Piwigo NG, announcement and details

🎂 19 years old

19 years ago we released PhpWebGallery 1.0.0. The project will be renamed Piwigo 7 years after, in 2009. We're obviously happy to be still there and even happier to keep releasing new features, improved design, mobile applications and worldwide translations.

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Piwigo 11

Certainly 99% of Piwigo users already know, thanks to automatic update checks performed by your Piwigo, but the beginning of year 2021 has been marked by the release of version 11. This is a huge release with many design changes and new features in your administration panel.

We have already released 4 minor versions and the next one will soon be 11.5.0.


Piwigo 11 announcement Piwigo 11 release notes

On Piwigo.com blog, we've posted 4 articles to give more details about changes brought by Piwigo 11:
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