#1 2021-04-30 15:51:10

Piwigo Team

Piwigo NG for Android

Today we release a new Android mobile application for Piwigo. This is not a new version of the current official Piwigo app for Android, it's another app, with different technology. We use the Flutter framework. It's an alpha version, very basic and certainly full of bugs. We release it so that you, beta-testers in Piwigo community, can give it a try and give us your feedback :-)

The idea is to mimic the more mature and robust iOS app. Same design, same features. That's the goal, not reached for now.

This new app is called Piwigo² in your app list. We also have Piwigo NG (Next Generation) in the possibilities. We'll see... Installation instructions are given on repository home page.

Where to give us feedback? The best place to report a specific problem is on Github. If you just want to say "good work, very promising" you can reply in this announcement.


#2 2021-05-04 13:00:10

Bogdan Hlevca

Re: Piwigo NG for Android

It is not available yet on google play.

#3 2021-05-04 14:04:14

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: Piwigo NG for Android

Bogdan Hlevca wrote:

It is not available yet on google play.

Indeed. The install instructions (available on repository homepage) tells you to download the APK on your Android phone.


#4 2021-05-04 22:15:17


Re: Piwigo NG for Android

Downloaded the apk today and successfully installed Piwigo2...

At last, an Android app to match or even beat the iOS version. A job well done to the team, a fantastic start. Looks great. The connection was quick and looking through the albums and photos was quite snappy. (550 photos for now)

Here are my observations on this version so far on a Galaxy A50, the latest Android.

When creating a new album the create album dialogue box does not disappear, however, the new album does get created as I discovered when I kept pressing to confirm, I had about 15 new albums called "test". The dialog of course needs to disappear. You do get a message at the bottom confirming the creation of the album, however.
Couldn't get the search function to work. Even typing in a known full file name didn't return anything.
That's it for me. I will keep testing until I break something! Waiting for more functionality. Bring it on.

Good job



#5 2021-05-19 13:25:38


Re: Piwigo NG for Android

Is this a good place to give feedback.

I am not able to upload photos as a community user in an album although I can upload via the web interface.

When I upload, it takes me to a screen which says 1 photo and a big orange bar says upload.
When I click upload a grey ribbon at bottom has a rotating symbol on right. It stops after a while. No photos are uploaded.

This however works when I try to do this as an admin. Basically the community plugin functionality is not reflected since I do have rights to upload as a community user and can upload via the web interface.

Trying to move a photo did not work either as a community user. A blank screen showed up from bottom which had a rotating wheel. The rotation never stopped.

Additionally that icon which is used to signify move typically means "share" in android parlance and most users will expect that it will allow them to share that image over a platform like whatapp, gmail etc. Such a functionality is highly desired.
Irrespective of when we implement it a different icon should be used to signify move such as this … ve-512.png

I hope this helps

Samsung Galaxy M21
Android version 11
Kernel: 4.14.113-21183318

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#6 2021-08-20 02:56:44


Re: Piwigo NG for Android

Are you planning on adding keyword / searching abilities like there is in the web based version?  This is one of the most powerful features (in my opinion).  Otherwise I could use any number of already available gallery programs


#7 2021-10-10 08:56:57


Re: Piwigo NG for Android

It is possible to allow to add the port to the url of Piwigo, at the moment it is impossible because a / is put at the end of address.
Thank you

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