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Piwigo 14

In december, we’ve been more than happy to release Piwigo 14. If you haven’t updated your Piwigo yet, we hope you will do it soon!

This version brings cool updates to Piwigo, like a new search engine, a new album editor, support for new file types like HEIC or WebP, PHP 8.2 compatibility. To discover all changes in detail, read the release note, and to see what other user have to say about the update, go to the topic about Piwigo 14 on the forum.

Piwigo 14 poster

Since this release we have already shipped Piwigo 14.1.0, a minor version that fixes a few issues encoutered by early adopters of Piwigo 14.

And of course, all Piwigo.com accounts have been updated, so if you are a customer, your Piwigo is already up to date.

Piwigo 14 Release Note

What do you think about the new search engine?

One of the big updates brought by Piwigo 14 is a brand new search engine for your Piwigo gallery.

New search in Piwigo 14

It’s been quite a long time since this feature has been announced: in June 2023, we released the first Piwigo 14 beta, and encouraged all users to give us their feeling about this feature. Unfortunately, despite several calls for beta test, we did not get lots of feedbacks.

Now that Piwigo 14 is officially available, we need to know what you think about this new search engine: what do you like about it? What to you dislike? How could it be improved?

We have opened a special topic on the forum dedicated to this subject. So, please take the time to discuss it with us!

Share your thoughts on the forum

Who uses Piwigo?

In november, we announced the arrival of a new page on the piwigo.org website: the "Who uses Piwigo?" page.

The aim of this new page is to enable all site visitors, whatever their needs, profile and use of Piwigo, to find examples of similar users, for inspiration and to find out if Piwigo fits their needs.

On this page, you'll find user testimonials (all genuine) and examples of Piwigo galleries, as well as examples of organizations using Piwigo.

And the most interesting thing is that you can filter them by user category (photographer, association, company...) and by country.

Who uses Piwigo

We hope that this new page highlights the diversity of Piwigo's uses and allows you to discover a few hidden gems!

Discover Piwigo users

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