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Piwigo requires a web hosting to run. For a photo gallery solution with all included (installation, hosting, backups), or if you simply want to try Piwigo with no installation, you may consider opening a free trial account on

Minimum Requirements

  • A web server like Nginx or Apache
  • MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10.1+. MySQL 5.0 works but is no longer maintained.
  • PHP 7.4+. Piwigo can run with PHP 7.0+ but these end-of-life versions are no longer maintained and may expose your site to security vulnerabilities. See officially PHP supported versions.
  • A graphic library: ImageMagick is recommended for its performances and image quality but GD, often bundled with PHP, can also do the job.
  • an FTP client software will be required to upload the files (netinstall or full package): Piwigo team recommends FileZilla as FTP client software, because it is free as Piwigo is, and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Enough disk space for your pictures: in addition to the photos you upload, Piwigo will store the "multiple sizes" in a cache directory of your server.

Optional Requirements

  • exiftool is required for plugin Write Metadata or any other plugin dealing with EXIF/IPTC metadata
  • ffmpeg is required for plugin VideoJS to create video poster
  • pdftoppm will be recommended to generate poster from PDF files (instead of ImageMagick)

Still got some unanswered questions?

You can get some help on the forum or find your own answers in the documentation