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High Volume

Piwigo shines when it comes to classifying thousands or even hundreds of thousands of photos.


Born in 2002, Piwigo has been supporting its users for more than 22 years. Always evolving!

Open Source

Source code is available, editable, auditable and extendable thanks to plugins and themes.

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Winchester City Council
Office du Tourisme du Bassin d'Arcachon
Société des 3 vallées
Groupe des Ecoles Nationales d'Economique et Statistique

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I am a photography enthusiast, sharing lots of free stock photos and photos from hiking trips in New Zealand. I have close to 3,500 images in my Piwigo photo gallery, and all is running very smooth. I discovered Piwigo in 2015. I needed to replace a discontinued photo gallery with something new and Piwigo ticked all the boxes for me. I never looked back - setup was fairly straightforward and maintenance is effortless. No fuss, things just work. And when something breaks (I had a broken version update once) then I received immediate help on community forums and the issue was resolved within a few hours. Frankly, that's faster than paid-for commercial support with most vendors I know of. One important factor why I picked Piwigo over other available options is the community spirit. I prefer supporting software that is available for everyone to use in any way they like. This is profoundly different from vendor lock-in and EULAs full of small print, that you find with proprietary products.

Tomas Sobek

Photographers & individuals New Zealand

Previously, our photos were stored on external hard drive and CDs, and indexed in a spreadsheet. A real challenge to find a file! Now it has become very easy and fast for the whole team to navigate through our photo library. Piwigo has completely changed the way we work! We chose Piwigo because the tool was complete, easy to use and affordable.

Rémi, Musée Archea

Tourism & Culture France

We are an all volunteer religious organization that produces lots of media. Piwigo is perfect to manage all of the images we produce as well as our own stock images used in production. The large plugin library allows us to use Piwigo in a way that exactly suits our workflow. And the ease of use means that not only can volunteers use the site with practically no training, but the administrative work in maintaining the site is negligible. And just like in any organization, it is the people behind it that makes Piwigo such an amazing resource.

Anonymous Religious Organization

Non Profits Sri Lanka

I use Piwigo since Jan. 2022 to present the beautiful paintings of a good friend of mine. Before that I compared many platforms or software to realize this task and found out that Piwigo had he best and the biggest variety of technical and optical settings of all software. And it seemed to be very easy to install and to handle. After the installation and the first use at the same day I was sure to have made the right descision. My friend was and still is very proud of the way of presenting her paintings!

Dirk Dreyer

Photographers & individuals Germany

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