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Anyone can read, create pages, edit pages in our wiki public pages. Private zone is preserved to team members once you have logged in.

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About wiki format

The Formatting Syntax page has information on the formatting used for editing the wiki.

What is a namespace?

Namespaces are ways of organizing the Wiki's content into subsections. For example, the en namespace contains pages related to English documentation. Namespaces can contain sub-namespaces. en:community:wiki is a sub-namespace (this page).

Contributing to existing pages

You can rewrite existing pages or add new paragraphs to existing pages by clicking the 'Edit this page' button.

Creating a new page

The easiest way to create a new page is to add a link on an existing page.

To do this:

  1. From the future parent page
  2. Click the 'Edit this page' button
  3. Find the correct place in the text
  4. Add a link to your new page: [[en:community:namespace|Formal flow link]]
  5. Save
  6. Follow the link and click 'Create page' to start editing the new page. The link will appear in a different color (at the moment, orange) till the page is not created.

Undoing process

Click on 'Recent Changes' shows the most recent changes. This is a good way to quickly see if any updates have been made since you were last looking.

If needed:

  1. Follow the previous link
  2. Click the 'Edit this page' button
  3. Save

You are the best reviewers of our documentation. Many thanks in advance for your contributions.

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