Technical changes in Piwigo 2.3

This page lists the technical changes that may be useful for plugin and theme developpers to make their extension compatible with Piwigo 2.3.

picture and picture_content template modifications

We have made two little changes on the default template (actually since Piwigo 2.2.2).

  • in picture.tpl the picture comment paragraph takes the class imageComment :
line 103:
<p class="imageComment">{$COMMENT_IMG}</p>
  • in picture_content.tpl the main image has the identifier theMainImage :
line 5:
<img src="{$SRC_IMG}" style="width:{$WIDTH_IMG}px;height:{$HEIGHT_IMG}px;" alt="{$ALT_IMG}" id="theMainImage"

This is for plugins that want to modify the picture or allows to style both elements easily (without complex css selectors)

SpreadMenus in the core

The plugin SpreadMenus by VDigital is now integrated in the core. That involves that themes creators must not integrate code from this plugin. This evolution also asks minor css changes in some themes (margin-left mainly).

password.tpl and password.php rewritten

The “Lost Password” feature was rewritten from scratch. Themes which overwrite password.tpl must take the new file into account. This is not a minor rewrite, so please at least remove password.tpl from your theme as long as you don't make it compliant with Piwigo 2.3.

In password.tpl, there is only one trigger on the content of the email sent with the new password:

$infos = trigger_event('render_lost_password_mail_content', $infos);

The email does not contain the new password anymore but I've kept the trigger:

$message = trigger_event('render_lost_password_mail_content', $message);

"average rate" becomes "rating score"

So you have to adapt picture.tpl in consequence.

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