Use a source code manager (SCM)

It is highly recommended to use a SCM when you create and maintain a plugin. extensions manager and translation manager are both compatible with Subversion (SVN) and Github. also provides an SVN repository where your extension is welcomed.

PEM (plugins repository)

Configure your Git or SVN repository

Go to your page and select your plugin, then click on the SCM icon .

Select Git or SVN and change the URL, don't change the other fields. You must give the root URL of your repo:

  • example on Github
  • example on SVN

Validate. You should see the correct Github/SVN information in the bottom block, if not, double check the form.

Release a new revision from your SCM

When you release a new revision of your extension, you can let PEM do it directly from your SCM. PEM will automatically extract files, add release info, replace the version number in your source code. PEM can also detect the new languages!

If you use Git, you will be able to choose a specific branch. If you use SVN, you will be able to choose a specific SVN revision.

Lexiglot (translation platform)

If you want to benefit from the work of the active Piwigo translation team, your plugin can be added in Piwigo Translate. You can simply ask us on Contact page or we may directly contact you about your plugin!

If your plugin is using SVN, we manage the commit access. If you're on Github, here is what you have to do:

Authorize user

As on SVN we use a single user to push translations to all plugins, this user is Piwigo-TranslationTeam. You must give push access to the user on your repo.

To do so, on your repository page, go to Settings / Collaborators and add Piwigo-TranslationTeam.

Notify us

We need to configure Lexiglot to use your Github repository. Contact us on Contact page to tell us what is the location of your plugin.

By default all commits are pushed to the master branch, you can tell us if you want translations to be pushed to any other branch (the branch must already exists).

We decided to not use pull-requests because it's a bit more complicated to implement and we don't want to spam you with a bunch of PR every week (the translation team is very active !).

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