Add a photo.

Because the pwg.images.add method is a bit complex (for reliability reasons), we propose a simpler method to add photos with Piwigo web API.


This method requires authentication with an administrator user.

This method requires an HTTP POST request.


Important note: we are uploading a file, so the HTTP request encoding must be set to “form-data”.

image /path/to/file.jpg mandatory the uploaded file. JPG or PNG files only.
category 123 mandatory the identifier of the destination category, use pwg.categories.getList to find existing categories
name A nice title optional the title of your photo, don't make it too long (use the comment to go into details
author Paul Nikanon optional the author of the photo
comment A longer description optional This description is longer than “name”
level 2 optional (default = 0) privacy setting. See an example in your Piwigo on screen Administration > Photos > Add. 0 is for everybody, 8 is for admins only
tags tag1, tags2, another tag optional A list of coma separated tags to describe your photo. Missing tags are created automatically

Photo Resize

This method doesn't expect a “web size” photo. Piwigo will resize the photo if needed and create the thumbnail.

As an administrator, you can set the resize settings on the Administration > Photos > Add > Settings screen.

If the photo is larger than maximum dimensions, then Piwigo will use your photo as a “high definition” photo and resize it for web display.


Here comes a full example in Perl languages:

use LWP::UserAgent;
my %conf = (
    base_url => '',
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
        method => 'pwg.session.login',
        username => 'john',
        password => 'NWgeWHjy8',
        method => 'pwg.images.addSimple',
        image => ['/home/john/photos/wild tiger.jpg'],
        category => 4,
        tags => 'tag1, tag2, another tag',
        name => 'A nice title',
        comment => 'A longer description',
        author => 'Paul Nikanon',
        level => 2,
    'Content_Type' => 'form-data',
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