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When editing an album there are many options and actions related to.
Edit album can be achieved when browsing an album or clicking to edit an album from albums » manage.

Properties tab

Information box

The album representative is the thumbnail displayed on the main page (category.php) to represent the album. If there is no photo on the album and sub-albums nothing will be displayed until some photos are added or a representative is set manually. If there are photos in the album, click [refresh] to find a new random album thumbnail from the album or any sub-album.
Click on the thumbnail to jump to “edit photo” page and change any information.

The choice of a representative depends on the allow_random_representative configuration parameter (see include/config_default.inc.php for more information).

Actions available

  • jump to album: link to the site on this album.
  • manage album photos: link to [Photos » Batch Mananger] with a filter for this album selected.
  • add photos: link to [Photos » Add] with this album selected as upload.
  • manage sub-albums: link to [Albums » Manage » List] with the current album selected.
  • delete album: A confirmation is needed to delete an album. If deleted, all photos becomes orphan (no album associated) but none is removed. Orphans photos can be managed from [Photos » Batch manager » Predefined filter » With no virtual album].

Properties box

Name: rename the album (a virtual rename in case of a physical_album).

Description: short text giving a general idea of the content, this text will be displayed at the bottom of the thumbnails page.

Parent album: if it is empty the album belongs to root. Choose a new parent album to move the current album.

Lock: if “yes”, the current album and its sub-albums are unavailable for visitors. Only administrators can see locked albums. Unlocking an album also unlocks all parent albums but does not unlock sub-albums.

Comments: Authorize or not visitors to comment photos in this album. Sub-albums are not affected.

Photos sort order tab

Enable change of photo order of the album.

  • Use the default photo sort order: The photos are ordered by it´s posted date, newer first. Default photo sort order is defined in the configuration file by two options: order_by_custom and order_by_inside_category_custom. More description is available checking the config_default.inc.php file or activating the local_files_editor plugin and displaying the reference file.
  • Manual order: When set to manual order, photos order can be changed by dragging and dropping anywhere.
  • Automatic order: Use some of pre defined orders for photos. There are many options to choose from, including date created, date posted, rating score*, visits*, and so on.

    (*)Warning: Be sure to test these sort orders by yourself as they can give unexpected results.

Permission tab

This page permits control visitors access to album and sub-albums.

Access type box

  • public: If the album is set to public, any visitor can see it and also all parent albums becomes public.
  • private: If the album is set to private the Groups and users box is enabled to choose witch users can access this album. Making an album private, it´s sub-albums becomes private too.

Groups and users box

If an album is set to Private, the Groups and users box is shown. It is possible to grant permissions for groups or individual users. Making an album private, it´s sub-albums becomes private too. To make sub-albums accessible, you may want to check the [Apply to sub-albums] checkbox to set permissions on all sub-albums simultaneously. If not, you can set permission individually later.

Notification tab

Send an information email to group members Group: Choose the recipient group of users to receipt the email. Complementary mail content: Free text to send to them.

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