How to move your Piwigo from one host to another one.

Move from

  • on your account, page [Administration > My account > Manage > tab My data], ask to retrieve your data. They will be provided as a list of 500MB zip files. You can also request for an FTP access, if you contact support for that.
  • extract content of the zip files. In the first zip file, you will get the SQL database dump + the “local” directory. All zip files, including the first one, will include the “upload” directory.
  • download the latest version of Piwigo (not the netInstall), extract files, transfer them on your hosting but do not start the installation.
  • modify file local/config/ so that it matches your database credentials on your new hosting server. Please note that tables have no prefix on, so change
     $prefixeTable = '';
  • transfer directories “local” and “upload” on your new hosting server
  • import your database dump
  • you're good to go, an you may certainly have to install/activate a few plugins you were using on, but your Piwigo will tell you.
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