Remote site usage

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Remote site can be joined by the main gallery through the remote site administration page to:

  • test remote site release (test)
  • Start listing.xml generation (generate listing)
  • Delete file listing.xml (clean)

Other actions (synchronize et delete) are main gallery actions.

test is used to verified that remote site script release and main gallery release are equal.

generate listing redirect the browser to remote site. You have to browse on remote pages to go back the main gallery administration page (see below).

clean is used to delete the remote file listing.xml after synchronisation.

On remote site

Upload create_listing_file.php to the remote site. Then you can access it directly by its address

Through direct call, this script displays several pages :

  • Home page
  • Test page
  • Intermediate page (during generation)
  • Synthesis page (during generation)
  • Deletion page

Home page

The home page only displays links to :

  • Test page (Test)
  • Deletion Page (Clean)
  • Intermediate or Synthesis page (Listing)
  • PhpWebGallery welcome page
  • Remote site administration page on main gallery (icon)


Test Page

The test page displays thes information:

  • Script release
  • Image generation support
    • Image library release (GD)
    • Supported image formats
  • Information about script execution time

It also displays links to:

  • PhpWebGallery welcome page
  • Home page (icon)


Intermediate page

The intermediate page is displayed when listing generation is longer than one step.

It displays these information:

  • Number of directories listed
  • Number of images listed
  • Number of directories to list (it does not include sub-directories)
  • Number of images to list in the directory where the script stop
  • Time elapsed since start

It also displays links to:

  • PhpWebGallery welcome page
  • The next step of generation if the browser does not support refresh (icon)


Synthesis page

The synthesis page is displayed when remote site has been totaly scanned by the script.

It displays these information:

  • Warning and/or Alert messages
  • Total number of directories scanned
  • Total number of images scanned
  • Time of generation

It also displays links to:

  • Generated XML file
  • PhpWebGallery welcome page
  • Home page (icon)


Deletion page

The deletion page only displays result of listin.xml deletion.

It also displays links to:

  • PhpWebGallery welcome page
  • Home page (icon)


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