Picasa2Piwigo allows Picasa users to upload photos directly to their Piwigo server.


  • Easily transfer multiple photos from Picasa to Piwigo.
  • Transfer photos, face tags, tags, photo captions, and album descriptions from Picasa to existing or new albums in Piwigo.

The application can be downloaded from: http://piwigo.org/ext/extension_view.php?eid=680


  1. Download the extension and unzip.
  2. After unzipping, there will be a list of directories. Each directory corresponds to a different language. Select your preferred installer language and enter the corresponding directory.
  3. Run setup.exe
  4. Open the file, install_button.htm, in a web browser and click on the “Install the Picasa2Piwigo button into Picasa” link. Confirm installation into Picsasa.

Application Usage

After installation, a “2Piwigo” button will be placed on the bottom section of Picasa. To use, select one or more photos in Picasa and then click on the “2Piwigo” button. A dialog box will then be shown allowing you to upload the photo(s) to a new or existing Piwigo album. The dialog box looks like this:

The “Parent Album” and “Album” pull down lists will be automatically populated using information from your Piwigo server. Select “New Album” or “Add To Album”, enter the appropriate information, and click the “Execute” button.

Application Options

Upon first usage of the extension, you must enter information about your connection to Piwigo:

Piwigo Server URL - The URL to your Piwigo server.

Piwigo User Name/Password - A Piwigo user name/password that has rights to add photos to the server. Use a user name/password that has a piwigo status of “user” or better.

Piwigo Contacts File – The contacts.xml file used by Picasa. This is used to parse face tags from Picasa. In my case, the file was located at: c:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Google\Picasa2\Contacts


Maximum Number of Files to Upload – Picasa limits the number of files supplied to add-ins to 120 files. So, the maximum number of files that can be uploaded at a time is 120.

Types of Files - Picasa2Piwigo supports photo files only. The tool is unable to upload video files to Piwigo.

Maximum Number of People Tags - Picasa2Piwigo accommodates up to 2,000 people tags.

Known Issues (to be resolved in future releases)

none at this time

Issues or Suggestions

Please contact me if you have any issues with the application or suggestions for improvement.

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