Note written on January 2nd, 2015: pLoader still works with Piwigo 2.7, but its development has been stopped since July 2010. It is recommended to use the browser uploader instead, which offers equivalent features (drag & drop, chunked upload, progress bar) and does not need any installation.

pLoader is a software dedicated to prepare your photos and transfer them to your Piwigo installation:

  • select photos from your file browser
  • automatic preparation includes resizing for web display, thumbnail creation, automatic rotation
  • complete informations such as name, author or description
  • create a category (ie album)
  • transfer the selected photos to your remote Piwigo photo gallery

Your photos are visible on your gallery as soon as the transfer is done.



pLoader for Windows

Simply download and execute the auto-extract file.


The best solution is to run pLoader from sources. Here is a tutorial for a Debian-like distribution:

1) install subversion and download pLoader source on your desktop

sudo apt-get install subversion
cd $HOME
mkdir apps
cd apps
svn export pLoader

2) install pLoader dependencies

sudo apt-get install subversion perl libwx-perl-processstream-perl libfile-slurp-perl \
libfile-homedir-perl libjson-perl libdigest-md5-file-perl libimage-exiftool-perl perlmagick \
libcrypt-cbc-perl libcrypt-des-perl libclass-accessor-perl

3) run pLoader

cd $HOME/apps/pLoader/src

Forum topics on this subject:


pLoader for Mac is only compatible with MacOS X 10.5 (ie Snow Leopard). If you don't want to use the web upload form, the best solution is to use either iPhotoToPiwigo or the Lightroom plugin (if you have Lightroom).


2.0.0c, 2009-03-09

Initial release

2.0.0b, 2009-03-09

  • check if the photo already exists on Piwigo side, if it does, pLoader only updates informations (name, author, creation date, etc.)
  • check if the EXIF thumbnail preview exists before using it in the photo selection

2.0.0c, 2009-03-09

  • feature:914 Ability to set jpeg compression quality
  • feature:920 Compression setting in the Global settings tab
  • feature:921 Feature request: Upload original option
  • feature:924 Thumbnails created by pLoader too big (not compressed enough)

2.0.1a, 2009-03-18

  • bug:943 category list displayed even if connection has failed
  • bug:939 upload fails on heavy photos

2.0.1b, 2009-03-30

  • bug:963 Work offline does not work after trying to connect with wrong user/pwd
  • bug:962 Auto rotate image causes application crash
  • bug:952 Transfert aborded
  • feature:961 pLoader cache identifies images with their filenames instead of content
  • feature:955 [login window] Connect, Stay Offline or Exit
  • bug:945 Wrong thumbnails and photo preview after removing photos
  • bug:946 Added categories not visible in pLoader
  • bug:947 pLoader Error: couldn't add image to the list

2.0.2a, 2009-05-07

  • bug:988 [configuration] Hide Global settings panel when starting pLoader
  • feature:966 [communication] encode chunks one by one
  • feature:987 [preparation] Use filename or prefix to create a default photo name

2.0.2b, 2009-05-15

  • bug:995 [GUI] French localization is incomplete
  • bug:997 [preparation] When using filename for default image caption, accentuated characters are not supported
  • bug:972 [authentication] ploader cannot connect to gallery authenticated by apache
  • bug:994 [GUI] pLoader gui layout management

2.0.2c, 2009-06-02

  • feature:1021 [configuration] automatically add “http:” to the URL if it doesn't start by “http”
  • feature:1016 [GUI] Add right click popup menu in photo selection
  • feature:1015 [GUI] Save current image selection in configuration
  • feature:1013 [GUI] Add a getting started panel
  • feature:1012 [GUI] Improve preview panel behaviour
  • feature:1005 [GUI] collapse all, expand all
  • feature:989 [communication] Add an option to remove uploaded photo from selection
  • bug:1003 [configuration] lost connection settings when pLoader crashes
  • bug:1004 [GUI] category tree doesn't remember its state when adding a category
  • bug:1019 [GUI] Refresh preview on single selection
  • bug:1017 [GUI] An item should be selected after removing a photo from selection
  • bug:1006 [GUI] [import] first photo goes last
  • bug:1010 [preparation] Error with pLoader cache
  • bug:1009 [GUI] select all photos is very slow
  • bug:997 [preparation] When using filename for default image caption, accentuated characters are not supported

2.0.3a, 2009-07-06

  • feature:1040 [GUI] Filter tag list
  • feature:1039 [communication] Add new Piwigo tags
  • feature:993 [preparation] set Piwigo tags
  • feature:1037 [communication] Add an option to change transfert chunk size
  • feature:1036 [communication] Ability to rename a category from pLoader
  • feature:1035 [GUI] Use system locale as default
  • feature:1034 [GUI] Add german translation
  • bug:1014: [GUI] Layout configuration should be saved in pLoader configuration file
  • bug:1027: [GUI] Preview panel does not work

2.0.5a, 2009-10-23

This new revision of pLoader comes as a zip, extract its content and double-click on bin/pLoader.exe


  • new language Spanish (Español) thanks to ddtddt
  • new language Italian (Italiano) thanks to rio
  • feature:1203 [i18n] Add Chinese translation thanks to winson
  • feature:1136 [preparation] Add a watermark, thanks to fliflip
  • feature:1198 [i18n] Add a message dialog on language switch to prompt the user to restart pLoader


  • bug:1067 [GUI] missing error message on “Communication error with”
  • bug:1201 [preparation] pLoader crashes when filename contains unicode characters
  • bug:1200 [communication] pLoader must forbid empty category name creation
  • bug:1139 [GUI] French Language “Connexion”
  • bug:1205 [GUI] pLoader shows an error message on exit from connexion


  • feature:1184 [i18n] display the language name in its own language
  • feature:1197 [i18n] Add the localized language name
  • feature:1070 [communication] don't send an empty string as tag_ids
  • feature:1190 [i18n] prepare pLoader binary to receive japanese/chinese/brazilian/czech/slovak/danish languages
  • feature:1196 [i18n] Add the locale canonical name in error message when translation catalog are not found
  • feature:1204 [i18n] Filter language choice list with available translations

2.0.5b, 2009-11-06

This new revision of pLoader comes as a zip, extract its content and double-click on bin/pLoader.exe

New Features

  • new language Japanese (日本語) Mitsuhiro Yoshida
  • new language Hungarian (Magyar) thanks to Pal Mehesz

Fixed Bugs

  • bug:1219 [i18n] Some properties are stored as translated labels and are not valid after language switch
  • bug:1216 [i18n] Panel captions are not translated when the user changes language
  • bug:1218 [GUI] Blur property value can not be modified
  • bug:1213 [preparation] pLoader crash when photo pathname has accented characters
  • bug:1154 [GUI] Special caracters in category name

2.0.7a, 2010-01-01

This revision of pLoader also comes as a zip, extract its content and double-click on bin/pLoader.exe

New Features

  • feature:1052 [communication] support photo re-upload
  • feature:1290 [GUI] Original photo preview
  • feature:1318 [GUI] New photo properties dialog box with tags and Piwigo metadata
  • feature:1320 [GUI] Add photo privacy level
  • feature:1321 [GUI] Add a date picker widget in photo properties panel
  • feature:1332 [GUI] Display photo selection as property list or with thumbnail only
  • feature:1282 [GUI] Set user defined default properties
  • feature:1055 [GUI] Preparation of high definition pictures
  • feature:1064 [GUI] [progress bar] “photo X on Y” information
  • feature:1346 [GUI] New global settings management
  • new language russian (Русский) thanks to ddtddt and Anastasia Ermakova

Fixed Bugs

  • bug:1322 [GUI] Photo properties panel remains with properties from last photo
  • bug:1326 [GUI] Tag autocompletion does not work properly on Ubuntu
  • bug:1288 [communication] Photo created date may be in a wrong format for database
  • bug:1234 [communication] Some security policies prevent pLoader from connecting with user agent “libwww-perl”
  • bug:1252 [GUI] When removing photos from the selection, ensure new current selected photo is visible
  • bug:1254 [GUI] Navigation with keyboard does not work properly after a photo deletion

Technical Enhancements

  • issue:1058 [communication] double check photo transfer with a pwg.images.exist
  • issue:1075 [GUI] don't remove from selection a photo that has failed on transfer

2.0.7b, 2010-01-06

This revision of pLoader also comes as a zip, extract its content and double-click on bin/pLoader.exe

Fixed Bugs

  • bug:1355 [configuration] Thumbnail Size parameter has disappeared
  • bug:1359 [GUI] Thumbnails disappear when they are selected and selection area has focus
  • bug:1362 [communication] pLoader cannot connect to Piwigo when hosted by

2.0.7c, 2010-02-03

This revision of pLoader also comes as a zip, extract its content and double-click on bin\pLoader.exe

New features :

  • 0001417: [GUI] Ability to set tags for a photo selection.
  • 0001414: [GUI] Improve Photo properties panel by adding a notebook and a big upload button.
  • 0001395: [GUI] Use a toolbook widget in Global settings dialog.

Fixed bugs

  • 0001410: [GUI] pLoader may crash when adding or uploading photo is cancelled.
  • 0001066: [configuration] unexpected behavior on resizing.
  • 0001069: [GUI] too many photos automatically removed from selection.
  • 0001403: [GUI] Re-upload management choices are overridden by default values.
  • 0001367: [configuration] Close after refresh category.
  • 0001394: [preparation] Auto rotate is not disabled when required.
  • 0001370: [GUI] Broken watermark selection for color and position.

Technical Enhancements

  • 0001400: [preparation] Remove pLoader resized image file cache.
  • 0001389: [GUI] Remove AUI docking manager.
  • 0001388: [GUI] Refactor getting started panel.
  • 0001369: [configuration] Remove relative path for resources and locale catalogs.

1.5, 2010-04-07

Warning : new versioning number, starting at 1.5 after 2.0.7c

New features

  • 0001461: [preparation] Ability to specify filenames in command line
  • 0001446: [communication] transmit the original filename
  • 0001530: [GUI] Display an add button in categories list when it is empty.
  • 0001496: [GUI] Display a message in the photo selection when it is empty.
  • 0001539: [GUI] When uploading, display a dialog box with the categories list when no category is selected
  • 0001478: [GUI] Ability to set properties for a photo selection : batch mode
  • 0001554: [GUI] Use caption as prefix
  • 0001520: [GUI] Ability to apply caption patterns
  • 0001504: [GUI] Remove language switch from toolbar and move it in Preferences
  • 0001548: [GUI] Improved Photo tags panel

Fixed bugs

  • 0001500: [GUI] Properties in photo selection are not properly updated in batch mode
  • 0001561: [GUI] Upload all by default
  • 0001449: [GUI] Annoying Dialogue_box when all is well

Technical enhancements

  • 0001562: [GUI] Remove STAY_ON_TOP dialog box attribute
  • 0001462: [GUI] Remove runtime dialog box layout

1.6, 2010-05-07

New features

  • 0001650: [preparation] Ability to create thumbnails that fit in a square box
  • 0001646: [GUI] The Open file dialog should remember the previously used directory
  • 0001609: [communication] Verify upload access while connecting (rosman)

Fixed bugs

  • 0001623: [GUI] Some sub categories are not displayed after being moved
  • 0001588: [GUI] Work offline causes crash
  • 0001627: [GUI] File filters should be case insensitive
  • 0001610: [configuration] new chunk size not used until reload
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