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Server software update1 hour0zjohn13
php 7.2 errors12 hours4andrewjs18, erAck, plg, ...
libav the same as ffmpeg?17 hours0captenaj
videojs and vlc?17 hours2captenaj, flop25
Watermark Update thumbnails?18 hours3ceyo14, executive
album frames, photo replicate, album/photo mixed18 hours3aanimeri, flop25, Fazli
[Plugin] UserAdvManager (UAM)21 hours245Eric, IGraham, Kalle, ...
[Hindi - India] Search translator1 day6ddtddt, moose, Ali, ...
Problems with Indian (Hindi) language package1 day2moose, ddtddt
API: Get non-public images1 day3hjg, anni194
Notice: Undefined index: count_images in /../2 days1Fazli
warning message on website2 days2mandevles, executive
PHP MySQLi Error2 days2Kenny Stier, phnord, flop25
Random images showing as broken links2 days1phnord
How to make thumbnail pictures in commentslist bigger?2 days0R.S
Notice: Undefined index: day / month / year2 days3magnum2k, Marcet, ddtddt
Batch manager error2 days2Fazli, executive
[call for help] Send us your testimonial2 days5plg, m-prol, Stephen White, ...
How to prevent users removing their own images?3 days4Jessicaj, executive
Switching off cookies possible?3 days5moose, flop25, jnashpiwigo, ...
extending metadata3 days11executive, flop25, dd-b
I can not go to aministration tab anymore5 days1Pat2309, flop25
PHP7: Feedcreator - deprecated5 days6WuppiGER, Jessy, Youp3, ...
Custom "Tag" Fields6 days1crowej, executive
Dark Bootstrap Theme Language switcher6 days7guimplenchik, teekay, gandycz
BanIP extension displays a notice for guests since PWG update 2.9.21 week8galixte, ddtddt, flop25
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)1 week15Ralf, flop25, plg, ...
Migrating from XAMP to LAMP1 week4ra6768, Zentalquabula
How do I change the name of the gallery?1 week1rowan.bradley, ddtddt
Permissions error in netinstall1 week3rowan.bradley, flop25, executive
Photos in separate partition1 week4robvalca, flop25, executive
Dates of long ago1 week7kevin_e, flop25, Zentalquabula
migration1 week12evelyn, flop25, Blacksasquatch, ...
Piwigo Oembed1 week5Pho3nyx, flop25
Dark Bootstrap theme - Turkish lang pack1 week2Fazli, teekay
Dark Bootstrap theme - Sliding screen2 weeks9Fazli, teekay
Show tags line under photos that does not have tags2 weeks3acvarium, flop25
Installation failing2 weeks7JA12, executive, flop25, ...
Uploading to physical album - feasibility?2 weeks0JohnNg
Debian package2 weeks1arodier74, teekay
ImageMagick not being recognized2 weeks6josephambrosino, flop25
Custom Fields on Photographs2 weeks4Wypman, ddtddt, executive
PIWIGO protection2 weeks6djha2, executive, flop25
Invalid security token2 weeks1Fazli
[Plugin] Share Album2 weeks22bonhommedeneige, deheme, executive, ...
Encoding derivatives pictures with ftp upload/sync2 weeks2deheme, erAck
Any htaccess experts out there?2 weeks2Ralf, amazMint
Messed up graphics2 weeks4gabryk, flop25, erAck
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)2 weeks317teekay, Jessie, MarcRJacobs, ...
how often showcase update preview?3 weeks0gandycz

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