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theme like flickr photstream?4 hours0ceinmart
Flickr2Piwigo not working4 hours0ceinmart
order photos by metadata time5 hours1executive
Batch manager creats error11 hours0Fazli
Prevent download from mobile app?12 hours0cgcarter
Album permissions - setup for non-admin users15 hours1gino909, plg
An empty Dynamic album keeps popping up16 hours0homdax
Relocate Copyright in Bootstrap Default theme17 hours1homdax
Piwigo Remote Sync - problem21 hours0frereroy
Issue with add_event_handler('login_success', 'show_popup');21 hours2cgcarter, plg
[Community 2.9.a-beta] Error: post_max_size21 hours1executive, plg
Bootstrap Darkroom: Photo information not shown anymore1 day3wernfried, ddtddt
[Theme] GreyDragon Theme 1.2.281 day268Serge D, jnashpiwigo, windracer, ...
Newbie Install problem - Headers and client library minor version ...1 day2randolph.kahle, 1v4r
Selfies 2592x1944 cannot be displayed or are displayed huge1 day0ShadowHunter
iOS app only showing folder list with images1 day3christfort, cryopad, MaggeO
Search translators for Piwigo iOS App1 day2cryopad
iOS App does not display photos1 day2MGH, cryopad
Can't get multiple formats to work2 days1mikeage
Change Contact Form plugin to popup form over top of picture page2 days5cgcarter, ddtddt
mySQL crashes2 days1snert, homdax
[resolved] Install problem with MAMP on Mac2 days2frereroy, homdax
PhotoBucket Migration or Transfer2 days2calsnoboarder, plg, ddtddt
To coders ... to many unnecesary derivatives2 days3eliz82, homdax
How to setup each album first image to representative ?3 days9kiwiyak, ddtddt, Knitter, ...
[Plugin] gdThumb - Masonry style thumbs in your gallery - 1.0.203 days145Serge D, windracer, SnotRocket, ...
https login quick connect3 days0pandc
Up and running5 days17snert, windracer
MySQL error clicking on image in search results6 days2windracer
Problem with german umlaut mark in domain1 week0mira12
[resolved] installation problem.1 week2bossie, kennysky
[resolved] Import from G21 week0kennysky
Members details not showing after upgrade to 2.911 week0ella8298
How to set # of pics displayed on album page?1 week2landyvlad, sunbeam11
Getting started1 week8snert, ddtddt
[Plugin] Travel Map1 week0TBP
Random Photos link not working1 week0sorabji
User with permissions cannot access album1 week0jason@barbanet
Please clarify my understanding of how albums work.1 week3landyvlad, eliz82, ddtddt
Sitelock logo under Menus1 week1zork, ddtddt
Mozilla Pontoon1 week0mistic100
Auto update, permission problem1 week0jason@barbanet
URGENT ,, please help1 week1Yusif, ddtddt
Error locking gallery1 week2jonxvel, plg
Happy birthday Piwigo, 15 years !1 week27plg, Ratheesh, Cissy, ...
tif support2 weeks0Marco300
Error while sending mail via SMTP2 weeks0space_cadet
Force HTTPS plugin2 weeks27bonhommedeneige, photo_friend, JurB, ...
Website - broken links2 weeks0landyvlad
New Android Client for Piwigo - unofficial.2 weeks4extorn, yetoxdd, wp180, ...

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