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Search by image number2 hours0PEU
Happy birthday Piwigo, 15 years !3 hours11plg, Ratheesh, helmuc, ...
Database Schema?15 hours2romanf, plg
Blank Admin page Website running without Menu1 day0rayphoto
VideoJS plugin extension setup2 days0fundacionviztaz
Notification email contains port2 days1cyberbud
old insecure authentication2 days1passegua, ddtddt
Missing Album2 days1gnurob
Pictures don't load full size - just the thumbnails show4 days0gala
support unicode characters in pathname and filename4 days10hwang00, miblo69, rob777, ...
Trigger for after image is uploaded4 days0Cynbel
quick local synchronization : Fatal error: Allowed memory size exhaust5 days1rob777
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)5 days193teekay, Jessie, kuzco, ...
[resolved] Blank page trying to install Piwigo6 days1sebf
How to have watermark remain on image when downloaded6 days0kristik
can not access my godaddy hostin when using ploader for Piwigo1 week0silhouett
Piwigo iOS app - HTTP Authentication1 week1drdeft, cryopad
Links Section in Bootstrap Default Menu1 week0mancavgeek
Non-empty Root folder1 week1mancavgeek
Integrated JQuery magnifier for Piwigo1 week28MacGeol, eliz82, flop25, ...
[resolved] Slow First Connection1 week2Poelzig, volkskamera
Set start page1 week0Matjaz_65
Piwigo Refresh1 week1Protheus
Social Connect Plugin - Google and Facebook1 week2MikeTheKID, Chartman123
Piwigo 2.9.0RC21 week4plg, volkskamera, windracer
Album notification emails don't include recipient name1 week0mariposa
[solved] moving piwigo database1 week2jdd
Version 2.9 and impact on extensions1 week2plg, rvelices
reset thumbnails1 week0jdd
Generate all derivatives1 week1mrija, Adminson
A couple of things that this former Gallery user is missing...1 week0Iva
Impossible to sort albums by their directory names1 week5Iva, flop25
Batch upload video1 week2alexs, jdd, teekay
[stopped] mysql error on hostinger.fr hosting1 week3jdd, flop25
Add fields to photo properties during upload?2 weeks3tay666, flop25
Logo contest2 weeks11OC2PS, jannatul18, helmuc, ...
Search only for Categories2 weeks1dummer-esel
Access for updates from piwigo.org blocked2 weeks1sneuberg, erAck
PWG Stuffs question2 weeks0kenk
Configuring Exiftool Keywords2 weeks0RogerA
Thumbnail tooltip2 weeks8Design by Sue, ddtddt, romanf
Integration of Piwigo Albums in Joomla site2 weeks1TuxBe, thepimster
Issues with the "Date created" photo attribute (EXIF/sorting)2 weeks0garz
Update Photo2 weeks4kenk, tazattitude
Download from admin2 weeks1enatleb, plg
Downloading of lot photos with signature for each photo2 weeks1Andrey Litsov, ddtddt
File Name - Any Way to Remove2 weeks0kiteboy
Register on Piwigo Showcase2 weeks32plg, tax87, rvelices, ...
2.9.0RC1: error on search2 weeks1windracer
Piwigo 2.9.0RC13 weeks2plg, windracer

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