Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Facebook preview -- now you don't see it, now you do?40 minutes2PolyWogg, sport
Password reset email never sent, database pw update has no effect49 minutes1brianpb007, flop25
IPTC keywords usage - editing, search3 hours2LouLin, executive, ddtddt
feed RSS problems3 hours5Yusif, executive
How to re-configure Piwigo to use external hard-dost instead SD-Card3 hours1nipsu, executive
Parent Empty Category Image1 day1MarcRJacobs, Ralf
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)1 day282teekay, Jessie, MarcRJacobs, ...
What is the best way to host Piwigo in the amazon cloud? ec2 & s3?1 day5goldennumber, dlgentle, Fizban, ...
Color Palette2 days1plg, aNNiMON
Feature request: Make Piwigo AMP-enabled2 days11evert, TallGuysFree, flop25, ...
Error on Bootstrap Darkroom Install2 days3dlgentle, teekay, TallGuysFree
Piwigo error message from database2 days4MarcRJacobs, executive, TallGuysFree
Smarty function to detect user's groups?2 days1TallGuysFree, samwilson
New website, work in progress2 days21plg, flop25, erAck, ...
I need your help5 days2Fazli, flop25
Errors after update to Piwigo 2.9.35 days3jcoville, flop25, executive
Caching5 days2Ralf, TallGuysFree
Facelift for 20185 days5plg, Jessy, TallGuysFree, ...
[MugShot] feedback on configuration page5 days7plg, Jessy, cccraig
Wondering what it would take to have raw file support6 days3fivestones, flop25, executive
Site deactivated; can I eliminate guest login, repair database6 days8kozmob, erAck, flop25
Automatism keeping history small6 days5Ralf, plg, executive, ...
New tag (keyword) missing at user side6, executive
Prune History6 days9Ralf, Eric, erAck
Thumbnail management (creating new, deleting orphans)6 days25windracer, vynz, flop25, ...
Heif6 days16executive, eliz82, flop25, ...
Arriving at Piwigo6 days0rich1957
Exclusive search on Keywords/Tags (Persons)1 week2ashtrakhov, samwilson, executive
NL Piwigo site out of date1 week1meegja, ddtddt
Data export / extract from the SaaS solution1 week2beership, plg
No access after Apache update1 week4danibo, flop25, erAck
What are _piwigo8c3 and, _pwg1 databases?1 week1kozmob, flop25
Kudos, Applause, and Frustration1 week2ByersMedia, flop25, executive
Delete album seems to be missing?1 week5JasonHague, flop25, ddtddt
iPhone Piwigo app crash (iOS 8.3) - since piwigo update ?1 week12YosheE, cryopad, erAck, ...
Digikam piwigo plugin connection issue1 week5bcatelin, erAck
After upgrading to 2.9.3: a warning message, and a 'fatal error'1 week2Gebruikersnaam, flop25
Custom URL's / Permalinks1 week0Gebruikersnaam
Lens Model info not displaying for Olympus lenses1 week10todd, executive, eliz82
additional pages1 week0Wauchsam
Additional Pages do not have theme1 week3Wauchsam, executive
No login menu - Admin. login1 week2rich1957, executive
Piwigo is NOT sending me emails1 week16Haz_69, Wauchsam, Ralf, ...
Excellent gallery + custom header and footer1 week0stickerart
Extension Whois Online update1 week0erAck
Piwik1 week0Ralf
Anonymize IP1 week0Ralf
huge database - could something be wrong1 week8homdax, flop25, Ralf, ...
Invalid security token2 weeks2Fazli, flop25
disabled all plug ins by accident - even Admin2 weeks8netlight, flop25, executive

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