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Display the creation date on album overview page2 hours4adastra, plg
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)3 hours350teekay, Jessie, MarcRJacobs, ...
Symlinks for galleries7 hours3fbafkis, nicolas
How do I replace an image in a gallery1 day2IanL, Zentalquabula
Stange behaviour of RV Maps & Earth1 day4Hood_fr, rvelices, zork
Thumbnails / Previews don't match originals1 day3targh86, executive
Database Repair2 days1f3red, executive
site error after 2.9.4 update2 days10sbutlerusa, plg, executive
trying load exif data with exiftool2 days2ceinmart, executive
Error on Gallery pages2 days2Yusif, executive
Cannot upgrade to 2.9.43 days1eberkund, executive
Install.php issue3 days1Mgbr, executive
Home link and Visit Gallery3 days3popskelly, mdwpilot, mistic100
Performance issue with high volume3 days10plg, flop25, rvelices, ...
Permission issues Only webmaster and admin can see albums3 days11DerrickG72, executive, rvelices, ...
not able to add members3 days3kdmiller45, executive
Piwigo 2.9.44 days27plg, andrewjs18, MikeH, ...
Phishing potential due dynamic gallery URL5 days1ferryman, plg
Sort user list5 days1jonxvel
images.addSimple appears to work but thumbnails broken5 days0hglkrijger
Astat.2 Tools5 days2Ralf, executive, kenc
json error on creating album6 days1abhinav, sadrobot
Sitelock logo under Menus1 week4zork, erAck, ddtddt
What's up with Charlie's content1 week10f3red, windracer
I can not go to aministration tab anymore1 week4Pat2309, flop25
Two different themes for desktop and mobile1 week1Zentalquabula
Please help. I cant see my own (some of my) Private albums :(1 week0kurbanium
How to add persistant value to session variable?1 week0Denzel
Tagging permission1 week5nevyn, jnashpiwigo, erAck, ...
Synchronization automation1 week5bakerjw, executive, kurbanium
Whatsapp preview image1 week0Proxy
"undefined | Previous" links on listing photos1 week5Fazli, teekay, flop25
RVSitemap issues1 week1Chris CJB
Poll/Survey Extension1 week0amazMint
Can i scale piwigo for 1 milkion active users. Any diagrams would help1 week0Elduke88539
templates failing2 weeks4executive, plg, erAck
Getting two lines of errors after installation - what can I do?2 weeks8Razer2k, executive, olfart, ...
FacebookPlug location issue2 weeks1olfart, executive
Internal server Error2 weeks9f3red, flop25
Pictures limited to "Admins and Family" visible with direct link2 weeks14yyaghi, teekay, executive, ...
Fotorama and Video2 weeks0josephambrosino
Double photos (FTP upload)3 weeks0Pat2309
Search options for album info?3 weeks0aanimeri
[Plugin] Share Album3 weeks26bonhommedeneige, deheme, executive, ...
Recent_cats page - album hierarchy3 weeks0deheme
[plugin]Advanced Menu Manager3 weeks36grum, lisaviolet, plg, ...
My ads just disappear if I logout of admin (Advanced Menu Manager)3 weeks0IamKevio
Duplicate entry error3 weeks5raivan, flop25
Auto update, permission problem3 weeks9jason@barbanet, erAck
Need to shrink Piwigo DB3 weeks4TH_F73, erAck, executive

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