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Large images not correctly moved to /i map42 minutes7Rutger, flop25
Visitor Log8 hours0Haz_69
File Uploader Question22 hours0kenk
Trouble with MySQL1 day3p2ranger, eliz82, windracer
[resolved] Batch Manager: no 'Choose an action' menu1 day4ianmac, flop25
Posted on date is not accurate2 days3todd, Morford, erAck
Storage Bin3 days0MAJIDM
How to change background colour in search.php-fields3 days1KarlGK, eliz82
How to change url?3 days12kold2, eliz82
Where to put a zipped theme for manual installation3 days1PEU, windracer
How to upload a photo to another folder?3 days02kold2
504 Gateway Time-out4 days3DenfordStudios, plg
[Plugin] Share Album4 days11bonhommedeneige, deheme, ceinmart
How can Piwigo be configured as a closed-group, multi-user system?5 days2jstarek, flop25
[call for help] Send us your testimonial6 days3plg, eluminare, Bill Gowacki, ...
Direct Uploading a jpg1 week10ianmac, flop25
Can users be setup to be limited administrators for their own albums?1 week3chris_s, klinion
FAQ? Migrating from gallery 2 to piwigo1 week97frumpel, plg, nec, ...
[modus] Theme version 2.6.a1 week112rvelices, clintthayer, travelsignposts, ...
Setting the Limits for the Recent Albums Link1 week0cali999
Forum design refreshed1 week12plg, eliz82, windracer, ...
Views1 week1reddn, baka1503
Transferring My Gallery1 week0walt313
New website, work in progress1 week14plg, flop25, erAck, ...
Not-Hiding of menue elements on small screens1 week6morbificagent, rvelices, flop25
Improving security1 week1Nigel-Aves, flop25
Deactivate plugin for particular album1 week0mountwilson
Cant Create Album or Upload2 weeks4cheesewizz, flop25
Dependencies for plugins (Composer, Git submodules)?2 weeks0samwilson
Administration2 weeks3vaserra, flop25
Keyword not show on new added Photos2 weeks1vikozo, flop25
ftp upload - cron Script to update homepage/DB2 weeks1vikozo
[MacShareToPiwigo] not appearing in extensions list2 weeks0davidedwardsphotos
Upgrade to 2.9.2 from 2.8.? nuked my template - is there any recover2 weeks2davidedwardsphotos, flop25
piwigo_user_cache_categories corrupt?2 weeks3TheDoc, flop25
Ldap login to find a new dev'2 weeks1522decembre, f1.4, Netcie, ...
Looking for a Plugin to allow groups to download an image...2 weeks0jamiemarchant
Retrieving $COMMENT_IMG2 weeks5Hood_fr, flop25
[resolved] Send e-mails2 weeks1knobo
Problems with FastCgi in PHP v.7.1.7 when Imagick is active2 weeks0rges
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)3 weeks229teekay, Jessie, kuzco, ...
playing MOV files3 weeks1djnoah, TheDoc
Add site header/footer to gallery3 weeks0blueplanetphoto
Switch theme for mobile automatically?3 weeks5TheDoc, erAck
How to resolve themes & plugins that don't work together?3 weeks1TheDoc, baka1503
Theme: Simple Grey3 weeks3Knitter, eliz82
Message could not connect to Database3 weeks4lorcajh, mistic100, net0ag
[resolved] Installation: connection to server ok, but not to db3 weeks4Jan Becket, net0ag, flop25
BanIP extension displays a notice for guests since PWG update 2.9.23 weeks5galixte, ddtddt
Sorting albums with swedish letters3 weeks2Elger, ddtddt

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