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[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)7 hours390teekay, Jessie, MarcRJacobs, ...
Parse Error on Upgrade and Plugin install7 hours5klinsinow, erAck, windracer
[Theme] GreyDragon Theme 1.2.2812 hours273Serge D, jnashpiwigo, windracer, ...
moving gallery to new server but with a twist15 hours1mek113, executive
no image after upload18 hours5divedj, flop25, executive
Login issue - loops back to front page2 days4Lulu, erAck, executive
remove all Comments2 days4kdmiller45, executive
Show text on the first page2 days0reisi007
PW 2.9.4 and imagemagic3 days2pcp20us, executive
Longitude/Latitude Sanity Checking3 days1farnwomt
Moving a Piwigo install between servers3 days16PolyWogg, eliz82, executive, ...
Smart pocket login 403 error4 days0pcp20us
href should represent a valid URL4 days0jfranklyn
Synchronization1 week1bsdll, eliz82
Bild upload hängt - ohne fehler aber ohne Erfolg1 week6vikozo, flop25
Schlagwörter - ergänzende Automatisch hinzufügen1 week2vikozo, executive
Moving Piwigo server1 week3kdmiller45, erAck
How to debug email1 week0JohnnySSH
Synology NAS Install - "Cannot connect to server"1 week2spiked, bsdll
"unused' return when uploading from digikam1 week4vrtisworks, erAck, executive
[SOLVED] unrecoverable error: ./_data/templates_c no write access1 week1Stephen Winters
New Themes using Piwigo as a service1 week1potzenhotz, flop25
LocalFiles Edit seems to have stopped working1 week5jclifford, flop25
Cannot log in via mobile1 week3Nordrir, flop25
Error in GPS data1 week0ClaudeVV
after Upload and resize Exif information change1 week1vikozo, executive
Watermark1 week1NewUserInPiwigo
Fatal error trying to configure Comments2 weeks2jclifford, flop25
Path to admin2 weeks4guaranteed, flop25, erAck
Fancy album thumb from recent pictures.2 weeks3arseniy, Teatek, flop25
Exif extension not available, admin should disable exif use2 weeks6glenn, flop25, wernfried, ...
PayPalShoppingCart2 weeks0JL_Woodman
Import data into piwigo2 weeks4fares9, miblo69, erAck
Piwigo install seems broken2 weeks2thomas_p7, executive
Android Beta Test 0.9.2-beta2 weeks0Teatek
Support Multilingues2 weeks19JL_Woodman, ddtddt, executive
[resolved] How to move piwigo gallery to new server2 weeks4jason@barbanet, windracer, kdmiller45
Special 15 images..2 weeks9sergix, plg, olc, ...
Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied!2 weeks2georgeren, executive
detailed ratings3 weeks3TauTau_de, flop25, executive
Configuration Options don't stick3 weeks3rhinoblues, flop25
update to date documentation to move Piwigo to new server3 weeks1kdmiller45, executive
Access Piwigo on NAS from internet3 weeks1Martin78cz, windracer
Exif data fallback3 weeks2reisi007, executive
Automatic Image Size Selection (Or remember the users choice!)3 weeks3WhatsUpPussycat, flop25
Integration with AMember for Single Sign-On3 weeks1wbeddoe, erAck
View number and time of comments for each thumbnail3 weeks1kurre, executive
[resolved] Problème de connexion3 weeks2Débutant_pwg, ddtddt
[Plugin] Charlies content3 weeks97VDigital, jdd, whitst, ...
Custom Derivatives-missing image info in DB to facilitate rebuild?3 weeks4CalgarySteveWilliams, skaldenhoven, flop25

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