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Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Manage Privacy level15 hours0caste
Warnings after migration towards new host16 hours8NTPicturesbe, flop25, Zentalquabula
"Who can see these photos?" missing Groups?17 hours2jkoppel, ddtddt
PiwigoPress17 hours0CharlieM
PiwigoPress18 hours19CharlieM, eliz82
Piwigo Advert on Album Pages1 day2f3red, ddtddt, erAck
Migrating from Gallery2 to Piwigo1 day4rszumlak, spamsupernova, Iva, ...
Public ZIP Downloads1 day1JB2448, flop25
Attempting to convert from Gallery2, getting an odd message1 day0Iva
500 error after POST to /piwigo/install.php (nginx)1 day2colini, erAck
Digikam piwigo plugin connection issue1 day3bcatelin, erAck
Plugin Charlie's Content: Class getid3_lib not found2 days0jheinitz
HTML tags in photo description2 days2f3red, teekay
[resolved] Charlies content php 72 days3drbubbles, jheinitz
Integrated JQuery magnifier for Piwigo3 days27MacGeol, eliz82, flop25, ...
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)3 days134teekay, Jessie, kuzco, ...
How to disable high resolution?3 days6daareek, ddtddt, flop25
Can't connect to database in new installation3 days2BobDeming, flop25, teekay
EXIF GPS data not read4 days44mrcolj, wittypluck, pewe, ...
C# or vb implementation of pwg.images.upload5 days2Bronze, kenl
PHP errors on using AStat.2 and Advanced Menu Manager5 days8volkskamera, eliz82, flop25, ...
Privacy/User license5 days1maaikeknot, flop25
WebAPI Latest 10 images - Order and Limit5 days17tip2tail, eliz82, teekay
some Photos are not shown in the albums5 days11jmh, flop25, petebeart
Can users be setup to be administrators for their own albums?1 week0chris_s
PHP versions to use with pwigio and Bootstrap theme???1 week15daareek, flop25, teekay
Database Error1 week0jonxvel
Metadata: Keywords1 week0CharlieM
Is my site hacked1 week6CharlieM, flop25
Newbie questions about metadata1 week0pwright2
Not able to display "Who can see this photo?"1 week2wernfried, flop25
User cannot view album1 week1djnoah, flop25
original size1 week1cerik, flop25
OpenStreetMap: Map not visible1 week1wernfried
phpmailer is not working after 2.8.5 update1 week2gaptser, flop25
Fatal error: Class 'SMTP' not found1 week0flop25
How to add JS to be loaded anywhere in admin area from active theme1 week6Serge D, flop25, teekay
PHP version for Bootstrap defult theme???1 week0daareek
Install went wrong1 week0wp.rauchholz
additional page plugin1 week2Knitter, teekay
How to install current Piwigo? Getting 500 server error?1 week1daareek
Translation and theme/plugin development1 week6Serge D, ddtddt, nicolas
Photo from email1 week1Chrisberks, TinuCH1976
gallery.newts.org1 week1newts
Piwigo 2.8.5 Upgrade Lost HTML5 recognition in browser1 week16f3red, flop25
Meta: robots -> noindex,nofollow @ pictures ...1 week5WuppiGER, Zentalquabula
PHP7: Feedcreator - deprecated1 week3WuppiGER, Matjaz_65, flop25
Can I display a list sub-albums by using webapi pwg.categories.getLis?1 week4Walton, eliz82
Piwigo 2.8.12 weeks9plg, flop25, JD, ...
facial recognition - automatic face grouping/tagging2 weeks0griffonline

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