Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Identification problem0 minutes3Swirti, rfreitaz
cat_modify.tpl doesn't show my text16 hours10HarryF, ddtddt
Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone...22 hours1poly, erAck
Piwigo Malware?1 day4digitography, flop25, jnashpiwigo
Can't change theme1 day2AureliaNYT, ddtddt
Resized pictures not used but creating new ones causing server lag2 days0kychan060
External Storage Providers (S3)2 days1eberkund, careprodx
Time ?2 days2Haz_69, executive, erAck
album/gallery name mangled3 days0panda
Just up and running, have some contributions...4 days4ajuniper, plg
Synchronization using "ImageMagick GPS" with movies5 days0bigs38
How to use category ID for my own plugin5 days4HarryF, ddtddt
post images via url without uploading it to the server ?1 week2Nik, ddtddt
Setting images as preview for an album1 week1huebi, panda
API: album vs gallery1 week0panda
url-encode1 week0panda
mount/nework share albums1 week0panda
Hide image name from browser window <title>1 week2adastra, ddtddt, executive
Exclusive search on Keywords/Tags (Persons)1 week4ashtrakhov, sgbotsford, samwilson, ...
Check for update failed for unknown reasons (2.9.3 -> 2.9.4)1 week0aanimeri
Fail after upgrade1 week0Tlaren
Piwigo running as docker container with Apache reverse proxy1 week0cybermcm
block user registration/approval2 weeks3digitography, executive, erAck
A Blog... a simple blog request.2 weeks1PEU, executive
static searches2 weeks1PEU, flop25
I need help2 weeks2olyly94, executive, erAck
won't install properly. Tables do get created2 weeks5acpowell, executive
Hash generation?2 weeks0tnovak
Search albums only2 weeks12dummer-esel, executive
Manage Properties Photos2 weeks9RegSputnik, ddtddt, executive, ...
Plugin "Check Files Integrity" should be integrated by default2 weeks0wernfried
Sub-albums in "flat mode" - can change it?2 weeks10elece, flop25
DB backup plugin: warning when activating2 weeks0jason@barbanet
Recaptcha?2 weeks3matthys, chazzo, flop25
[resolved] anti-spam - stopped working effectively since 2.8 upgrade2 weeks6todd, chazzo, flop25, ...
Easy Captcha Not Showing Picture in 2.8.23 weeks1Craigy, chazzo
Is there an extension to create links for forums3 weeks6Scanner, Sjonnie, helmuc, ...
Kudos!3 weeks0lisaviolet
LocalFiles Editor HTTP ERROR 5003 weeks2niemiec, flop25
PHP 7.2 and 2.9.4 Error3 weeks9Photomike, windracer, plg, ...
Exact Search3 weeks5des, RogerA, flop25
Is there a list of template tags?3 weeks1adastra, flop25
Plugin MyPiwShop incompatible with 2.73 weeks3Stephen Peacock, flop25, ThomasK, ...
Error :: Function read_exif_data() is deprecated3 weeks0FlashBuddy
Easy way for any langauge of programming3 weeks1Vanessa6, executive
Email Setup To Exchange Server4 weeks1jcpiwigo, executive
Need list of valid IPTC names1 month2tterrellbanks, RegSputnik, executive
Problem with comments1 month9vuk, flop25, erAck
Piwigo user avatar1 month5sanyakacer, ddtddt, flop25
User-Management1 month3S8, ddtddt

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