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[Tool] Piwigo2Img2 hours46eliz82, WuppiGER, Digidani, ...
[resolved] List of users not visible after update to 2.9.219 hours6f3red, flop25
How to include watermark in the downloaded pictures?1 day0Grimmy
Images not being loaded on IOS Piwigo App - Server with auth1 day21xupetas, cryopad
Can I display the left sidebar on picture page?2 days2Walton, teekay
Turn off file name in breadcrumbs2 days6jemostrom, eliz82, flop25
300,000 - 1,000,000 photos...can it be done?2 days4Underdog89, plg, maximebrmd
[resolved] All the pictures gone after PHP 7.1 upgrade2 days3vdgraaf, flop25
Error only when logged in3 days7PEU, flop25, teekay
Picture frame ist empty3 days2paul.maechler, maximebrmd
TIFF added via Synchronization do not display3 days0DancesWithWords
Manage Properties Photos -> Add fields to search4 days0Sili
How to get piwigo-videojs to work properly?4 days2voyager, jdev21
Community plugin, new generation for Piwigo 2.2+5 days250plg, KungFuJosh, eliz82, ...
Piwigo encountered an unrecoverable error5 days1asbacher, flop25
Piwigo iOS version 2.0, beta-test - Download Error6 days15photo_friend, cryopad, Hoser
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)1 week203teekay, Jessie, kuzco, ...
unexpected behaviour after update to 2.9.21 week4lanius, flop25
Your browser doesn't have HTML5 support.1 week7paulk, Steel Rat, maximebrmd
User Custom Fields - Missing Buttons1 week3cgcarter, teekay
ContactForm plugin does not always send the email (depends on address)1 week4cgcarter, kenk, flop25
adding current user Id to a link.1 week0Steel Rat
User Uploads?1 week2Steel Rat, ddtddt
Revising metadata labels1 week2smuseby, teekay
plugin Concours Photo1 week4digipeet, flop25, ddtddt, ...
uploading using web form fails frequently1 week1ptilopteri
Albums all set to Private but assigned users cant see them1 week14DerrickG72, ddtddt, flop25
Multiple sizes error1 week0T00kie
Ignore admin photo views in history1 week0dennisra.
Bootstrap darkroom: Breadcrumbs being eaten1 week6digibirdtrek, teekay
[resolved] Piwigo 2.9.2 Update: Unknown Column error1 week1f3red
GDThumb: Thumbnail resizing on double sized thumbnails1 week0digibirdtrek
[resolved] e-mail notification doesn't work1 week1bern
Missing titles and descriptions after menalto2piwigo import1 week11damon18, erAck, mcgeepj2, ...
Menalto2Piwigo Description Import1 week1procyon82, Steel Rat
ftp upload - cron Script to update homepage/DB1 week0vikozo
Piwigo webapi - pwg.categories.getList bugs?1 week5eliz82, nicolas
Additional Pages1 week0merlin456
About photo export1 week0realblackrose
How do you backup photos and databases to a new piwigo gallery?2 weeks0Ninja55
LocalFiles Editor - can't paste into it2 weeks0SciFiKriss
[resolved] Errors after upgrade to 2.92 weeks11tomass, plg, adkisson, ...
Installation on NAS2 weeks0swanfield
Piwigo 2.9.22 weeks0plg
Persistent hot linking.2 weeks4homdax, teekay, eliz82
Manually Adding Themes2 weeks0jcpiwigo
[Menu Random Photo, 2.7.d] ReferenceError: MRP_blockHeight...2 weeks22plg, romanf, maximebrmd
Beta testing Bootstrap Darkroom 2.x2 weeks5teekay, plg
URL Rewrite with IIS2 weeks2Do_Checkor, maximebrmd
DataTables warning (table id = 'userList') when PayPal is enabled2 weeks2Marshal, flop25

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