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[resolved] Can't manage gallery from web form6 hours2juanidiaz, britonk
[resolved] Create new album link has stopped working7 hours1britonk
Usage of web api pwg.images.search, where to find information?16 hours1JohnNg, teekay
[Plugin] gdThumb - Masonry style thumbs in your gallery - 1.0.2019 hours140Serge D, SnotRocket, windracer, ...
Can I pay someone to move 3 sites to a new cpanel for me?23 hours0Djtonton
"Failed to Read Session Data" + Cannot Login1 day14Matt Bergman, Serge D, plg, ...
Unable to add keywords on photos1 day0Thomas219B
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)1 day189teekay, Jessie, kuzco, ...
Is there a user registration API for piwigo? or1 day2Walton, nicolas
Dynamic Recent Period1 day0kiteboy
READ ME: getting an error after the update?1 day20flop25, Eric44, ireneeng, ...
Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable2 days0digitography
Album icon2 days0Knitter
Sync fail with files containing ' (apostrophe) in filename2 days0stevebuckley
Ability for plugins to process any file type on upload2 days0stevebuckley
Upgrade problem2 days0c176613
Imagemagick not working with Piwigo on Synology2 days0Marco300
Piwigo compatible with PHP 7.0?3 days1Knitter
Hosting site3 days0DJeffrey
Photos from last 7 days5 days0kiteboy
Cannot update theme Bootstrap Default to version 1.0.65 days1wernfried, teekay
DataTables warning (table id = 'userList'), brand new Piwigo - A fix?6 days0ksweger
Piwigo encountered a non recoverable error6 days7Knitter, ddtddt
ImageMagick and Memory6 days0TheDoc
Themes for HbbTV6 days0John.B
Smart Pocket and Menus6 days5windracer, kiteboy, thomas1956
support unicode characters in pathname and filename1 week6hwang00, miblo69, flop25
Photo from Email1 week0dennz
[Theme] GreyDragon Theme 1.2.281 week264Serge D, jnashpiwigo, windracer, ...
Graydragon1 week1vaserra, Serge D
Error publishing theme1 week1TheDoc
Lost photos -How to rebuild1 week1krist
[resolved] Uploading photos via web form is stuck at 21% - how to troubleshoot ?1 week11djom, BuzzFuzz, Zentalquabula
Force HTTPS plugin1 week26bonhommedeneige, photo_friend, JurB, ...
Have homepage show latest image from within gallery1 week0guodskrap
Adding More Exif Fields1 week3Kinsman, ddtddt
error in "photo added by"1 week2heydenreich, ddtddt, flop25
Skip login form1 week1macphisto.cl, flop25
[Tool] Piwigo2Img1 week32eliz82, WuppiGER, vlad, ...
403 error when trying to rate!1 week3Kingchaos, flop25
Functionality for uploading + displaying animated GIF?1 week10rges, TheDoc
Static Album Location on a Map1 week0kiteboy
Add multiple formats into existing Library1 week0datenwort
How do I change the root url of the Home icon and Gallery Name?1 week1zomborama
merge/manage Album2 weeks1vikozo
EXIF GPS data not read2 weeks47mrcolj, wittypluck, pewe, ...
Cannot log on to administer panel2 weeks2dpw67, teekay
Cannot Change Smart Pocket Menu Items via Templates2 weeks0hbutz
Issue with logging on after new install.2 weeks2DA0001, flop25
Showing first X thumbnails of sub-category in main-category list.2 weeks5MannyGT, teekay

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