Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Error after install of the contact form27 minutes3mockingbird_71, erAck
Image display scaling not consistent on Hi-def windows laptop3 hours0rbdawson
Piwigo Remote Sync 1.0 beta-testing8 hours5Voriondev, executive, eliz82
Answer to Facebook Link Preview Not Working23 hours4gnurob, daviding, michaelh99, ...
[resolved] Trying to set up comments2 days14NWS, flop25, zjohn13, ...
Plugin piwigo-videojs doesn't work for me2 days0alihor
Piwigo 2.10 beta22 days9plg, SciFiKriss, Paul Scott, ...
Edit Comments display2 days2zjohn13, erAck
Bootstrap darkroom: Breadcrumbs being eaten2 days7digibirdtrek, teekay, hiteshchauhan
Copy PIWIGO system (everything) from server A to server B2 days3cferran, JTX, flop25, ...
Unable to upload photographs3 days0A Hoyland
piwigo_import_tree ---> right data for parametr "my photos directory"3 days2greenglaz, ddtddt
how to make user updating photo5 days0quintella
Image Distortion Issues5 days0gourmand
How to find all images except the ones with some word?5 days0tnovak
Permission folder listing - export / import / status ?6 days0Ig_Softy
SyntaxError: Unexpected token  in JSON at position 01 week0frankc
Download by size -> requested file not found1 week0mikekiwi
New strings for Piwigo 2.101 week2plg, ddtddt, EdwinKort
About smartpocket_2.9.5 video player1 week0Adem GENC
Add external Link to Navigation1 week4Crafter, k5, ddtddt
Album's description on every picture1 week0Vito
Manage Properties Photos1 week10RegSputnik, ddtddt, executive, ...
[2.9.5] Optimizations have been completed with some errors.1 week3matthys, erAck
Google Search Console1 week2zjohn13, k5
Smart Pocket Album Photos Not Displaying1 week2jegarner, plg, erAck
gallery photo does show on some mobiles.1 week7ufone, marklenders, plg, ...
Mobile view does not work on my Huawei 10 Pro.1 week5reinierdeman, balthes, Undergrid, ...
[resolved] Images not loading properly - Beta 2.102 weeks4SciFiKriss, k5
Upload with guest as the user?2 weeks2Alexander83706, executive
Please make max_file_size configurable2 weeks1cgaspar, Alexander83706
Beta 2 - 2.10 - Painless upgrade with a hickup2 weeks3Sjonnie, plg
Piwigo 2.10 beta2 - Test Install very successfull2 weeks0sunbeam11
Multisite and Nginx2 weeks0syscrusher
Synchronize gallery files automatically2 weeks2Asaber, eliz82, erAck
Schedule images plugin2 weeks11fares9, ddtddt
INTRO: Observations: 1st Opening Page or Slash Page? URL Structure...+2 weeks0cryptoart
Piwigo 2.10 beta12 weeks8plg, windracer, Jay, ...
Running piwigo on nextcloudpi fails2 weeks0ratzdi
Still getting the error 29 on 2.10 Beta2 weeks0SciFiKriss
Ajax error on User List2 weeks10HARW, flop25, Silverman, ...
OGP-Integration via Template: some variables (tpl) needed ...3 weeks0WuppiGER
Mobile theme on Samsung S103 weeks3diabilden, bryan
User edit photo description3 weeks4cache, eliz82, archiemian
Problem at Class for Imagick extension to generating image files3 weeks0kubikanber
How to add keywords to individual photos?3 weeks4franko, executive
Contact Form3 weeks2franko, EdwinKort
Amazon Rekognition support4 weeks0teknofile
Http errors when trying to upload any pictures(piwigo)4 weeks1mockingbird71, flop25
Truncated metadata field iptC4 weeks2Dusty82, executive

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