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Album representative thumbnail3 hours0paralen1000
[resolved] Community Plugin Question10 hours2alexn, ddtddt
error11 hours2canamra1, ddtddt
Page/Site Title in browser tabs23 hours5PEU, ddtddt, teekay
Support for animated GIFs1 day5TheDoc, flop25
Booststrap Darkroom - Add quick search to main screen?1 day1PEU, teekay
Menu Random Photo: Random Photo not everywhere1 day8WuppiGER, romanf
How to fix an inactive Extension?1 day10romanf, flop25, ddtddt, ...
Showing first X thumbnails of sub-category in main-category list.2 days1MannyGT
4 topics: language switching, jumbotron, copyright note, mail form2 days6moose, ddtddt
[Bug] Seach by tag, cannot select category cover2 days0PEU
[Perso Footer] Sitewide Footer & bugs2 days3PEU
complete offtopic2 days6helmuc, piwijo, harrymallen, ...
[nl_NL] Nederlands - Dutch2 days25ddtddt, pauldaytona, sleepless, ...
Disable social buttons (Bootstrap Default theme by Phil Bayfield)3 days0Smedia80
Find all photos without keywords3 days1tazmaton, jheinitz
Plugin User Tags3 days90nicolas, bkcorwin, mistic100, ...
Add a fully customizable footer position3 days0PEU
Photos are not downloading3 days10Andrey Litsov, ddtddt, konservator, ...
Check Files Integrity plugin3 days0f3red
Piwigo Advert on Album Pages3 days3f3red, ddtddt, erAck
Integration of Piwigo Albums in Joomla site3 days0TuxBe
Must I move files to use Piwigo?4 days0abrogard
TimeZone Warning and Syntax Error creating new album4 days4abrogard, jnashpiwigo, wp180
Piwigo 2.9.0beta14 days6plg, colani63, KungFuJosh, ...
"eval base64_decode" Code in files4 days9Joergen, plg, drlecter, ...
how to disable the guest account and make the gallery accessible only4 days1Elk
Read and set tags from IPTC metadata5 days3MannyGT, ddtddt
What Permissions Required For Directory On Net Install?5 days0abrogard
Can't see my new album5 days1rkpoulin
Martins5 days0jimwknox
Please separate translations-labels for 1.photographer, 2.commentator5 days0rges
EXIF orientation tag not working to rotate portrait photos6 days0thebubblechamber
Run hosting gallery for several companies6 days0daskeyboard
MySQL error clicking on image in search results6 days1windracer
History search - visitor's IP address6 days1JAK, rges
problems with large panoramic photos6 days0andrewjs18
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)6 days151teekay, Jessie, kuzco, ...
dumping database?6 days1pwright2, tazattitude
Showcase1 week2Paolo, WuppiGER
How to hide filenames in albums?1 week4julio, Martin-V
[resolved] Automatic upgrade failed (from 2.7.4 to 2.8.6)1 week1Martin-V
Can't get ImageMagick to work1 week0dan40
Always show empty albums1 week0Velosoph
additional pages1 week0vaserra
[resolved] Piwigo not listening in port 70911 week1prablych
Smarpocket (mobile theme) improvements1 week24flop25, plg, anthony43, ...
How to keep aspect ratio in mobile theme(s) thumbnails?1 week2moose, teekay
Delete Photos After 7 Days - Possible1 week0kiteboy
Piwigo2Img1 week31eliz82, WuppiGER, vlad, ...

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