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Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Refreshment problem after editing8 hours0Fazli
[Menu Random Photo, 2.7.d] ReferenceError: MRP_blockHeight...11 hours0plg
Random logout after autoupdate 2.9 / Cloudflare = long synchronization1 day0viewadam
Precede IPTC Caption with date1 day0OliverB
Configuration page "Default Display" (number of images per page)?1 day0OliverB
Caddie / Orphans1 day1PaveFE, ddtddt
identification page can not be themed2 days2wingman, flop25
Bootstrap Default memory allocation2 days0Thomas219B
Happy birthday Piwigo, 15 years !2 days23plg, Ratheesh, jacklege, ...
EXIF GPS data not read2 days51mrcolj, wittypluck, pewe, ...
Can't login to my Piwigo2 days4shdelady, tomscot2, ddtddt
[Plugin] Protected Albums3 days65unclvito, leonardo.g, plg, ...
Piwigo compatible with PHP 7.0?3 days7Knitter, plg, Barry, ...
Advanced Menu Manager3 days3Barry, plg, flop25
[Plugin] Add Info Users3 days22ddtddt, Valokammi, mol, ...
SQL syntax error in functions_mysqli.inc.php after upgrade to 2.93 days3mrcolj, plg
100% image quality instead of 98%3 days4todd, Knitter, plg
Import Tree and V2.93 days3RogerA
Pictures don't load full size - just the thumbnails show3 days2gala, msummers40
Can't get VideoJS to work4 days0mrk
[Piwigo 2.9] make the admin "clear" theme more "clear"4 days0plg
Photos not being resized, generating 404 errors5 days0msummers40
Error during the load of some pages5 days1dbareiro
Search albums only6 days0dummer-esel
strange photo redirection issues1 week4andrewjs18, tazattitude, erAck
2.9 Bug Squash1 week4digibirdtrek, plg
Changing the registration email?1 week0THudson
PHP7: Feedcreator - deprecated1 week5WuppiGER, Youp3, Matjaz_65, ...
A result of update to 2.91 week0Knitter
Unable to upload files from digikam to piwigo1 week2extorn, anyUser55354
Mysql - database connect error - how to change database password?1 week1Rotten Ronnie
Message appearing above header1 week0rsj
Not showing pictures and thumbnails for tiff files1 week4dragonflytree, ddtddt
[resolved] Display Image on Static Page Not Working After Upgrade to 2.91 week2TomO, ddtddt
Unable to Delete Photos From Batch Manager 2.91 week2kiteboy, plg
MySQL Error 1044, Impossible to Connect, possibly corrupt View1 week1mrcolj, ddtddt
[resolved] Errors after upgrade to 2.91 week10tomass, plg, rbr28, ...
Downloading database1 week0jekphoto
How to install videojs plugins?1 week2okkf, erAck
Integrated JQuery magnifier for Piwigo1 week29MacGeol, eliz82, flop25, ...
[resolved] Album names are always Lowercased1 week3dreamos82, Knitter, erAck
Show random photos on phpbb forum1 week2cally6008, eliz82
Issue with crop and rotate and thumbnails2 weeks1jriker1, ddtddt
Upload Problems2 weeks0calsnoboarder
Add fields to photo properties during upload?2 weeks8tay666, Adriel1087, flop25
Include random pictures from a Piwigo gallery: one solution2 weeks13mmoy, Scott_T, blacktea, ...
GPS destination coordinates2 weeks0OliverB
Search only for Categories2 weeks1dummer-esel
MacShareToPiwigo for Apple Photos2 weeks0gnurob
Change pic size in gallery2 weeks0GeorgeTheBarbarian

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