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Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Header photo using bootstarp darkroom theme5 hours1pcp20us, teekay
Slider Photo Count8 hours1MikeTheKID, ddtddt
Issue with notification for administrators on comment adding15 hours3bigcookie, JohnN
How to have watermark remain on image when downloaded16 hours3kristik, MikeTheKID, digitography, ...
After 2.9.1 upgrade: upload does not work19 hours1fesoj20, flop25
Error during the load of some pages23 hours6dbareiro, flop25
Relocation of piwigo from sub dir to main dir.23 hours4digitography, plg
Users not displayed1 day2LeChi, plg
Disable download function1 day1digitography
Theme "Modus"2 days0nobby
Community plugin, new generation for Piwigo 2.2+2 days243plg, flop25, KungFuJosh, ...
Piwigo Mobile App not uploading videos3 days2SevereNL, cryopad
Download Button3 days0XR219
remove index.php from link3 days0Bredy
ImageMagick GPS php error after update to 1.24 days7elsatobias, ZeBe
Search translators for Piwigo iOS App4 days0cryopad
Change 'Specials' to 'Statistics' in menu5 days6SciFiKriss, tazattitude, ddtddt
Automatiic Deletion of Images From Database5 days0kiteboy
Request: Contributor User Account1 week2Wickster, ddtddt
Repeated database corruption1 week3aptanet, flop25
Piwigo setting upload_form_chunk_size (500kB) should be smaller than..1 week0SciFiKriss
Variables in Page Title1 week3hansis100, plg
New Android Client for Piwigo - unofficial.1 week2extorn, TheDoc, flop25
[resolved] getTagsFromAlbum on Android1 week2mghersi
[Plugin] gdThumb - Masonry style thumbs in your gallery - 1.0.201 week143Serge D, SnotRocket, windracer, ...
After 2.9.1 upgrade: [Hacking attempt] the input parameter...1 week3wittypluck, plg
After last update 2.9.1 I don't see image1 week13Bredy, flop25
Bootstrap darkroom: faulty mouseover translation on picture page1 week3Romtom, teekay
AddInfo plugin1 week3Fabrix95, teekay, ddtddt
Remove file name from description meta tag1 week0Fabrix95
all .mp4's hosed after upgrade, none run1 week8piwiLaborer, d-matt, flop25
After 2.9.1 upgrade, error in AMM1 week10Barry, plg, Bredy, ...
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)1 week199teekay, Jessie, kuzco, ...
[resolved] Did the update and lost my custom page view1 week3DerrickG72, flop25
menu tabs1 week2r jackson, flop25, windracer
Linking pics from piwigo1 week1thuttu77, flop25
PHP Warning: include(/themeconf.inc.php)1 week3max7, flop25, plg
Conflict Lightbox with Smart Pocket Theme1 week0mausman
can upload directory be purged to save disk space?1 week2piwiLaborer, windracer
Change default site1 week0SackOHammers
Error on advanced menu manager links1 week0Bredy
Watermark adding restricted to selected albums1 week0batteriesinc
See the Latest Visit Date in the admin Users list1 week0Kalle
Piwigo 2.9.11 week5plg, paka, erAck
GPS destination coordinates1 week1OliverB, ramack
[resolved] Webmaster User Has Lost Rights1 week1kc27
How to delete albums?1 week5jason@barbanet, windracer
Warning: [mysql error 1146] Table 'site.piwigo_config' doesn't exist1 week0andrewjs18
How to move piwigo gallery to new server1 week2jason@barbanet, windracer
Release 2.9.1 under preparation2 weeks0plg

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