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newbie: photos on home server already

hi all, I assume it is a stupid newbie question, but I want/must avoid to loose or double my data....

so I have a family home server at home hosting videos, documents, and pictures. So I thought installing piwigo would be a good idea to effectively manage my close to 90.000 pictures while using the pictures that are on the server already......

now I read in the forum that I have to "transfer" the pictures to the server (even they are there already) and they will become renamed and ....
So basic question: is this the right way to go? will the data be doubled (which wouldn't work)? or did I miss the point?

So far I am managing the pictures via samba and dnla, but piwigo would be a great/ professional alternative to use the html interface.

any help appreciated!


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Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Re: newbie: photos on home server already

Hi speedmaster,

The rename and automatic folder structure is only when you add photos with the web uploader or remote softwares like pLoader or Lightroom.

In your case, you'd better use the synchronization method to add photos. See your screen [Administration > Photos > Add > FTP+Synchronization] for details.

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