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Importing Flickr sets


I've used the Flickr2Piwigo plugin to backup my Flickr account using the "import all my pictures" option. Overall it seems to have worked great! Just a couple of tips and things I've noticed:

1) I got the occasional error and had to start over a few times. With the thousands of pictures I had it took an entire day to import them all, so I wasn't surprised that it didn't all go smoothly. I was grateful to find that the plugin will recognize which images had already been imported and pick up again where it left off. Nice!

2) It will import sets (which is great!), but it will not import collections. So I'm having to recreate my collections and sets structure with nested albums in Piwigo. Not a big deal, as I have fewer sets than photos and even fewer collections than sets, but if there is a way to import set and collections as nested albums, that would be a great way to enhance the plugin for future users.

3) Possible bug: I also noticed that Piwigo duplicated some sets, specifically those that contain commas in their names. For example, I have a Flickr set called "Green Valley Park, NC" and Piwigo made two albums out of it, one named "Green Valley Park" and the other one named "NC" apparently misinterpreting the comma in the set name. This seems like a bug that might need fixing. It appears to be only an issue with set names, while image names with commas don't cause any problems.

4) While it did import my Flickr sets as virtual albums, the set descriptions did not come with them. I don't know if this is something that could be added to the list of things imported. It would be helpful for people with a lot of sets including descriptions and might be another way to enhance the plugin functionality.

5) Description and geotag import on images seems to work fine, woohoo! Tags lose their spaces and capitalization (e.g. "Canon PowerShot SX40" on Flickr become "canonpowershotsx40") but I understand this is a problem with how Flickr provides the tags. Tip: It can be fixed by editing the tags in Piwigo Administration (Photos - Tags).

Thank you so much for providing this awesome plugin. :-)



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