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Re: High I/O usage revisited...

This is an old post of mine, but I finally tripped over a solution.

We were on the right track -- the WordPress security plugins up high were corrupting my install, but simply disabling them wasn't fixing anything. So we eliminated them.

But it turned out that one of the most popular Security plugins in WP has a glitch from time to time -- it leaves the .HTACCESS file with all the inserted codes in it, even after it's disabled. So shutting it down, even deleting the plugin wasn't fixing the problem -- because it wasn't cleaning up the file before it left.

Which meant my .HTACCESS file was creating a recurring load loop, trying to recall itself over and over somehow everytime it loaded. So I might get "one" hit from say "China", but after that, the protection would create a recurring load of the file so it looked like China was hammering my site.

I didn't even know that was POSSIBLE.

However, I switched to another service provider, was fine for a few months, and then the security plugin created the same loop again when I put in new settings and finally it had it "tweaked" for a non-basic install. The tech support people at this new provider found the problem in less than two was my .htaccess file that was messing everything up. Sheesh.

So much angst and work, and it was the WP plugin after all.




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Piwigo Team

Re: High I/O usage revisited...

wow what a story! Thank you for sharing the final reults and have fun now!

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