Piwigo 2.9.2 Release Notes

Downloads Piwigo 2.9.2
Released on October 6th, 2017 (2017-10-06)
Focus bug fixes (including security)
md5sum 8eb7df8d35b5a73d73223eaa9a8509ca

Note: the list of major changes is described on Piwigo 2.9.0 release notes. This page only describes what changes between release 2.9.1 and release 2.9.2.

Bugs Fixed

  • #767 Publishing via Shotwell 0.22.0 fails with Piwigo 2.9.1
  • #789 ability to avoid error message on log in page
  • #777 WS categories getImages, TotalCount
  • #787 unexpected "action" for password.php displays errors
  • #723 when requesting an private id, the permalink is revealed
  • #747 PHP notice when changing admin page's theme
  • #760 Date creation not refreshed when changing it from picture_modify
  • #678 PHP 7 RSS error
  • #751 Cannot run install/piwigo_structure-mysql.sql twice
  • #755 Sync'ing the metadata send a date creation incorrect for Mysql 5.7
  • #731 dashboard, missing number of photos
  • #739 [search] when a search on word also matches tags
  • #732 rename transliterate function
  • #726 trigger on album creation
  • #725 protect pwg.images.setInfo from HTML
  • #724 SQL injection in page cat_options
  • #721 Set administrator private album to public via CSRF & Incorrect Permissions
  • #713 update notification mail in french/english mix
  • #710 input parameter "redirect_decoded" is not valid


17 languages have been updated: Catalan (Català), British English, Esperanto, Basque (Euskara), Finnish (suomi), French Canadian (Québecois), Hungarian (Magyar), Cambodia (ភាសាខ្មែរ), Portuguese (Português), Romanian (Română), Slovak (Slovensky), Slovenian (Slovenščina), Serbian (Српски), Swedish (Svenska), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt), Chinese (简体中文), Hong-Kong (中文香港).


Recommended method: follow the automatic upgrade procedure. If you're currently running Piwigo 2.2+, the Automatic Upgrade will tell you which plugin may be not compatible with Piwigo 2.9 before upgrade.

If you're running Piwigo 2.9.* you can also download the 2.9.x_to_2.9.2.zip archive that contains all new and modified files. Once you have extracted the files, transfer them onto your web server with a FTP client (like FileZilla) over your Piwigo 2.9.x installation. No database upgrade is required.

If you are running a version older than 2.9 and do not want to use the automatic upgrade, then follow the manual upgrade.

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