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Piwigo is open source photo management software. Manage, organize and share your photo easily on the web. Designed for organisations, teams and individuals.

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High Volume

Piwigo shines when it comes to classifying thousands or even hundreds of thousands of photos.


Born in 2002, Piwigo has been supporting its users for more than 21 years. Always evolving!

Open Source

Source code is available, editable, auditable and extendable thanks to plugins and themes.

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Océanopolis Brest
Office de Tourisme Digne Les Bains
Société des 3 vallées
Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers

They love Piwigo


Previously, our photos were stored on external hard drive and CDs, and indexed in a spreadsheet. A real challenge to find a file! Now it has become very easy and fast for the whole team to navigate through our photo library. Piwigo has completely changed the way we work! We chose Piwigo because the tool was complete, easy to use and affordable.

Rémi, Musée Archea

Tourism & Culture France

Piwigo is easy to install and get to grips with. The plugins enable fine-tuning of the gallery with fairly advanced features, such as automatic classification of photos according to tags or user rights management. And of course, it's an open source solution... I'm so satisfied with Piwigo that I regularly suggest this solution to my customers to create their professional photo galleries or photo libraries!

Sophie Lépissier SoFlash Production

Photographers & individuals France

Since I've been using Piwigo on my site, I can see the difference: it saves me a lot of time and is so easy to use. I'm a genealogist and my site hosts almost 80,000 photos. It's great!

Jean Sailley

Photographers & individuals France

Piwigo is a very practical tool for creating a photo library that is both internal to our team and open to the general public.

Office de Tourisme du Pays de Gourdon

Tourism & Culture France

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