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Revision 1.0.19 (2023-05-10)

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About: This plugin exposes more of the standard Piwigo website functionality for the PiwigoClient Android app (or others) to make use of.

NOTE: This plugin adds the features to your server. Your client app may or may not choose to support these new features.

PiwigoClient v1.3.96 upwards will make use of these new functions.

Eventually, I hope these features will be added to the core Piwigo server code, thus this plugin will steadily contain less and less, eventually being empty and thus obsolete.

Features this plugin adds:
* View your own rating for photos
* Mark or unmark photos as being a personal favorite
* Clear your favorites list
* Record access to your piwigo server by users of the WS Functions API (e.g. PiwigoClient users)
* View and manage orphaned photos

Changes: Added a QR code to the user profile page on the piwigo server
This can be used to start the configuration of the Piwigo Client - Pro
Android app, filling with server and username details.


Revision 0.3.0 (2022-05-29)

English [UK]

About: The Batch Custom Derivatives plugin adds a new action to the
photo batch manager labeled "Generate custom image size" which creates
any missing registered custom derivative images. The plugin also
adds two WebService APIs to support the new batch action.

The install also includes a Perl script called
that allows the creation of either regular or custom derivative
images directly from the command line (or as a background cron job).

New WebService APIs:
- bcd.getCustomDerivativeTypes
- bcd.getMissingCustomDerivatives (Admin only)

Changes: Minor fix so ignores image redirects (when derivative is larger than original)


Revision 0.0.1 (2016-12-19)

English [UK]

About: Piwigo plugin that adds a new webservice. The webservice can be used to get the missing derivatives including given custom derivatives.

The webservie works like pwg.getMissingDerivatives but provides the additional paramter customTypes.


Changes: First version


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Revision v1.0 (2013-08-24)

English [UK]

About: Enables the management of users and groups through the WebService API. Once installed, the following web service API methods are available:



This plugin also includes the following methods (requires Icy Modify Picture plugin)


More details on using the Piwigo API are here:

Changes: This plugin provides the functionality to administrate users and groups using the web services api.

(4 extensions)
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