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2022-08-04 01:31:01

When you guys realese Piwigo 13. I recently upgraded my system and also PHP 7.4 to php8.1.but there are so many issues to handle errors and fixes.

2022-06-29 17:03:40


We are aware of this potential issue so we highlight the album we are moving so the user is aware of the action he is performing. Maybe try it ou and give us your thoughts about how it work at the moment.

If this issue becomes a real problem we will work on a fix with a confirmation button but at the moment we leave it as it is.

Have a good day!

2022-06-29 15:25:47

How about a confirm button in the album manager after reordering albums? Right now, especially on mobil devices, it happens easy to move albums by accident.

2022-05-10 17:19:41

Hi Piwigo lovers,

Piwigo 13 comes as a second beta. We provide a new album manager, see this part of the video.

For developers, we have added a new "user preferences" system, [Github] Piwigo issue #1640.

Download Piwigo 13.0.0beta2

If you want to test but don't have the ability to install it, contact us.

Please, open a new topic in the beta testing forum for each problem you may encounter.

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