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Read Meta Data for pwg_representatives20 minutes4mountwilson, erAck, executive, ...
"Configuration", "General" tab showing "403 Forbidden Access" v11.1.051 minutes2SFphil, wawii
Can't upload with mobile theme nor iOS app2 hours8ckayfish, geeksheikh, cryopad, ...
Your browser doesn't have HTML5 support.6 hours14paulk, cryopad, ckayfish, ...
How to track userID in Matomo (aka Piwik)? $ user, $username empty?6 hours0dadoc
Upgraded to the new version and now the mobile version gives errors9 hours6MemesForVegans, drlecter, JaneKing
A few complaints on my start page taking long to load - it's true10 hours5homdax, Zentalquabula
I get spam and need help10 hours1Netstamps, erAck
Related Albums / Boostrap Darkroom theme10 hours1Ralf, windracer
Smart Pocket template, no user login button11 hours0Karol
Admin Area Inaccessible Piwigo 11.1.013 hours10martin0203, plg, erAck, ...
[resolved] Caching14 hours7dsl25, plg
Piwigo 11.1.016 hours8plg, HollerBaby, windracer, ...
User Collection Function17 hours4Dario, executive, homdax
Piwigo 11.1.0, Admin18 hours14nobby, plg, erAck
[resolved] No access to Piwigo after rsync backup.1 day6nickO, erAck, ckayfish, ...
Error during updating the Smart Pocket theme1 day0alb
After update to 11.0.0 and 11.1.0 I can see the mini but not the photo1 day1mbsmit, executive
I need to clone a remote DB1 day7executive, erAck, nicolas, ...
A few very basic questions from a novice user1 day3alb, erAck
[resolved] Storage bar in Dashboard1 day2nickO, plg
Delete Cache1 day2Ralf, plg, erAck
Images truncated after upgrade to 11.11 day3Zakky24, erAck
Tip - Allow Users to create sub-albums in their User Albums Only1 day1ckayfish, JaneKing
Slow uploads? 2-5 minutes per picture?1 day5Ocelaris, MikeTheKID, Zentalquabula, ...
Fresh Installation - Modified PHP.ini still very slow file uploads1 day2Tmanok, MikeTheKID
Slow upload with SSL1 day4ra6768, MikeTheKID, erAck, ...
Piwigo 11.1.0 plugin incompatibilities? Just what and why?2 days11erAck, mcgeepj2, ddtddt, ...
Viewing pictures through IOS Piwigo app not generating view statistics2 days5honken, cryopad, dadoc
Configuring 11.1.02 days3tparki, executive, erAck
[resolved] menubar_related_categories.tpl missed in smartpocket theme in 11.1.02 days1abravorus
PWG Stuffs update problem2 days2abravorus, JaneKing
[resolved] Community plugin making noise2 days5nr65dk, plg, windracer
Piwigo 112 days29plg, executive, erAck, ...
Most Photos / Albums GONE after update to v113 days2AlexanderS, erAck
Prune History manual prune date range query bug3 days0erAck
Multi-Site not working - Migrate Gallery-Configuration to Multi-Site3 days1tripleseven777
Upgrade 11.0 - Theme Smart Pocket - Albums doesn't show photos3 days9rw, drlecter, bilderschrat, ...
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)4 days474teekay, MarcRJacobs, Jessie, ...
rotateImage extension4 days2jasond, ddtddt, executive
Latest version 11.1.0 no list of incompatible plugins4 days1Nigel-Aves, windracer
Unknown column 'cf.user_id'4 days3Naunet, plg
[Theme] GreyDragon Theme4 days321Serge D, jnashpiwigo, windracer, ...
[resolved] Backups?4 days2dsl25, erAck
[resolved] Removing menu items4 days2dsl25, Zentalquabula
Flat structure4 days2Zentalquabula, executive
Login via API is missing remeber_me option4 days1ChristianZ
Uploading problems4 days0corklok
[resolved] Password protect albums without user registration4 days8dsl25, executive, erAck
[resolved] infinite loop?5 days15tomasz, plg, Contact, ...

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