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Upload cache issues ?17 hours11Blomstrand, xdisciplex, plg, ...
Upload speed / thumbnail display with community plugin1 day1Ascyltus, Digidani
Frontend Upload seems to work but does not put pitures into Album1 day2keenlyside, Digidani
how to sort albums and sub-albums by name?1 day4elguavas, stuba, xdisciplex, ...
Unable to add a background image2 days10cbiweb, erAck, Katryne
Delete Piwigo database entries2 days0Ascyltus
paypal shopping cart - more options3 days5rodneyn, sport, FitBoy07
Easy way for any langauge of programming3 days9Vanessa6, executive, JaneKing, ...
Useful links/services3 days4mistic100, FitBoy07, erAck, ...
Images uploading and resizing correctly, not displaying.4 days1Bob.burgess, erAck
RESOLVED - Slide Show on Custom Welcome/Landing Page5 days9Lenny, mistic100, cjnoyes
[Theme] GreyDragon Theme5 days340Serge D, jnashpiwigo, windracer, ...
E-mail problems6 days2remkot
Recover deleted photographs6 days2photopleasure, ddtddt
Able to login to forum, but not to extensions1 week1elespike
Strange message after installation1 week9cbiweb, ddtddt
Meta Open Graph settings not honored1 week5BulletZ, ddtddt
mysql error 10641 week3gullach, erAck
Updated to 12.2 , almost all plugins are INOP1 week10volare, ddtddt
[Plugin] gdThumb - Masonry style thumbs in your gallery - 1.0.201 week190Serge D, SnotRocket, windracer, ...
Piwigo 12.2.01 week13plg, arashnejad, volare, ...
Did 12.2.0 Break gdThumb?1 week1mcgeepj2
Did 12.2.0 Break gdThumb?1 week4mcgeepj2, Katryne, maxima
Having trouble getting URL of uploaded image via API1 week0Kangra
Admin Tools error1 week0maxima
How Do I Go Back to 12.0.0?1 week6mcgeepj2, ddtddt
Calling through Ruby script1 week3SuperFlyGuy, erAck
Piwigo 12.1.01 week21plg, erAck, russmcclay, ...
Force HTTPS unavaiable, Android problems with self-signed ssl1 week0mr_pink
AlloyPhoto Lightroom to Piwigo export plugin - no serial number1 week5Jan Becket, BigW
Prepaid Credits1 week0Pat2309
No Info tab on photo details page with Stripped theme1 week0drmaemo
Error in on line 847 ?1 week8vincelight, erAck
Seo clean url with image name1 week49markbed, arashnejad, nomi00001, ...
403 Forbidden1 week5rtomkins, Kinsman, erAck, ...
Clicking "Home" option crashes PiwiGo?1 week12buddhabaker, erAck, executive, ...
FTP syncronization stops at 89,935 pictures in 3400 albums + clean URL1 week1arashnejad
Error when selecting tabs on configuration1 week1kdmiller45, erAck
File usage and strange folders2 weeks4fchar, erAck, plg
Watermark on/off per user/group2 weeks0Pat2309
[resolved] Show category description on all category pages2 weeks1gueba
Various PHP warnings since update to 12 and migration2 weeks6Drenghel, michaelallen, ddtddt, ...
Add the ability to set selected images as album thumbnails in batchman2 weeks0Crythes
Photos/Batch manager error2 weeks0maxima
piwigo_ng or piwigo app not show image on android2 weeks0Fosrur
Invalid Host header when accessing via piwigo.MyDomain.com2 weeks0murray42
Duplicating albums if "browser back" after adding fotos2 weeks1wanni, erAck
Understanding background auto upload with mobile app2 weeks2deljones, cryopad
Automatic Sort order not working with videos2 weeks3syker69, TOnin
PiwigoMedia - WordPress plugin2 weeks101Joao C, João C., plg, ...

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