Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Change Direction19 hours1fares9
Suggest a host?20 hours4Jan Becket, plg, rosehazeltine
Images loading slowly1 day1Pumizo, executive
graphicsmagick support?1 day0tisse
HTTP error uploading photos using web form1 day2bamiyan, wolong, executive
Messed up pictures1 day5sorhol, flop25
'Upload Form' gives HTTP error when uploading multiple photo's1 day5mvroosen, plg, executive, ...
Error message2 days7mek113, executive, flop25
Reset number of Visits / Hits for pictures2 days2MetallicAchu, erAck
Import data into piwigo3 days3fares9, erAck
Just installed gallery; images not uploading4 days3jmpayne, flop25
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<',5 days2pe, flop25
Registration approval by Admin5 days0mlines
Login doesn't work properly under https5 days5pert, erAck
How to improve quality of thumbnails and pics6 days7psh, eliz82, executive
Smarpocket (mobile theme) improvements6 days26flop25, plg, Tadjio, ...
API Login6 days4Nati, justice41
Piwigo api login1 week1justice41, Nati
login/auth with exist mysql database1 week1o1862549, ddtddt
tag1 week3aaron, executive
Site Statistics1 week0mc1939
Error on Gallery pages1 week3Yusif, jnashpiwigo, executive
Watermarking more option for users1 week0justice41
[Batch Downloader] MySQL Server has gone away1 week1NicoPL, executive
Error after upgrading to Fedora 292 weeks3rbr28, rp1428, samwilson
Request: Claim Code extension2 weeks7alpha232, erAck, flop25, ...
Descriptions & keywords2 weeks4bill-lancaster, executive
Access local Piwigo config in SMARTY template2 weeks8reisi007, flop25, nicolas
Piwigo backup2 weeks7Peter de Bruin, flop25, erAck, ...
Access Piwigo on NAS from internet2 weeks0Martin78cz
Photo display and https2 weeks3pjgaus, erAck
Smarty Compile Error2 weeks2rp1428
How to define the number of miniatures on the photopage?2 weeks2Ellin-E, ddtddt
Fancy album thumb from recent pictures.2 weeks0arseniy
How to set a user as banned??2 weeks1justice41, executive
Cant go beyond start installation page.2 weeks0quest
Configuration of Batch Downloader plugin2 weeks5psh, executive, mistic100
darktable pluging2 weeks4pobry, alpha232
ConcoursPhoto crashing Piwigo2 weeks2zjohn13, erAck
[Hacking attempt] the input parameter "section" is not valid2 weeks2pstimpel
Automatic Registration to piwigo2 weeks8justice41, nicolas, eliz82, ...
Automatic naming of albums while synchronization2 weeks0Schmidtze
CDN and Piwigo API2 weeks3elece, alpha232, flop25
Confused with Piwigo's Rating system2 weeks6justice41, flop25, executive
Flickr2Piwigo not working2 weeks12ceinmart, goldennumber, samwilson, ...
Limit Banner in Homepage3 weeks0justice41
[Published] Secure your login with Google reCaptcha3 weeks4reisi007, executive
Manual Install - Configuration3 weeks2CVMA237, flop25, executive
Temporary disable CSS/JS aggregator3 weeks2justice41, flop25
VideoJS watermark does not show on videos3 weeks0justice41

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