Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Video JS Warnings and Notice12 hours7zork, miblo69, windracer, ...
403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied!14 hours0georgeren
Piwigo 2.10 in preparation2 days22plg, executive, teekay, ...
Mobile view does not work on my Huawei 10 Pro.3 days0reinierdeman
Warning: [mysql error 1364] Field 'id' doesn't have a default value3 days3Fazli, Humblewizard
Edit user freeze3 days5kdmiller45, erAck
login/auth with exist mysql database3 days2o1862549, Humblewizard, ddtddt
Remove photo label i.e. DC_XXX post upload4 days1incedis, executive
Need advice on removing # characters in Gallery3 migration4 days0tooleyweeds
Get gps data from file to OSM plugin5 days0Atari-Frosch
GPS tags to Openstreetmap plugin5 days8Irmage, TheDoc, flop25, ...
Show tags or keywords only for specific users / groups6 days0FotofuchsWW
History stopped recording1 week4homdax, executive
Error with plugin1 week0kdmiller45
Tags/Keywords - need for range search1 week3naponline, executive
Add two questions to rate every image1 week3rsuarez, executive
moving gallery to new server but with a twist1 week20mek113, executive, drlecter
Add singhle choice / multiple choice questons on comments1 week0rsuarez
Cant get VideoJS plugin to work, no thumbnails on videos etc.1 week1niller, executive
Cannot delete photos1 week2JSam, ddtddt
many themes with problem to indexes engines (bing for example)1 week8victorhugops, teekay, reisi007, ...
How to insert banner ads on gallery pages?1 week14dhusss, executive
Edit the "New" Star1 week5anotheruser, executive
Photo Sort Order - some thumbnails don't show1 week4kozmob, executive
Piwigo stops working after mysql upgrade?1 week1DancesWithWords, erAck
Importing Titles and Descriptions2 weeks0bobf
Gallery / Album Permissions2 weeks2bobf, executive
Have to force refresh (F5) after upload every time2 weeks3Serenity_now, flop25
Setting default language2 weeks2Klauwaart, executive
Download statistics2 weeks0diwou
Community plugin user can't create subalbum from IOS app2 weeks1skeem, cryopad
`__autoload() is deprecated.` Anyone else getting this?2 weeks1MikeTheKID, erAck
Email Configuration from start2 weeks1zenu, flop25
How to setup each album first image to representative ?2 weeks15kiwiyak, jdev21, ddtddt, ...
Android Beta Test 0.9.2-beta2 weeks1Teatek, ramack
PayPal Donate Button for every picture3 weeks0diwou
Contact Form Error3 weeks0dfoland
Heif3 weeks18executive, eliz82, flop25, ...
Netinstall broken (At least not working on hosting service).3 weeks0stefan63
Solved: how to generate friendlier urls3 weeks0ahtoagah
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)3 weeks390teekay, Jessie, MarcRJacobs, ...
Parse Error on Upgrade and Plugin install3 weeks5klinsinow, erAck, windracer
[Theme] GreyDragon Theme 1.2.283 weeks273Serge D, jnashpiwigo, windracer, ...
no image after upload3 weeks5divedj, flop25, executive
Login issue - loops back to front page3 weeks4Lulu, erAck, executive
remove all Comments3 weeks4kdmiller45, executive
Show text on the first page3 weeks0reisi007
PW 2.9.4 and imagemagic3 weeks2pcp20us, executive
Longitude/Latitude Sanity Checking3 weeks1farnwomt
Moving a Piwigo install between servers3 weeks16PolyWogg, eliz82, executive, ...

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