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Upgrade issues going to 14.4.02 hours3jimatlanta, erAck
darktable export does not use album with piwigo 14.41 day1reox, Dero
Error on comments pages1 day3dewluca, erAck
Seo1 day3slyronit, Bruno41
Choose original size by default1 day15neon, xdisciplex, Katryne, ...
Modus theme shrinks small images by 60% when plenty of space2 days7travelsignposts, Katryne, neon
Theme used in Piwigo Demo N12 days1slyronit, hannah
Attempt at plugin helped by chatgpt2 days16PEU, ddtddt
How to set-up remote gallery (easy step by step)3 days16Laurens, laurent.duretz, Driesser, ...
Change image upload path3 days12rock, plg, adrian_vg, ...
Piwigo 14.4.03 days7plg, HugeYakman, Mr.Zhou, ...
Licensing information4 days3slyronit, Katryne, erAck
OpenStreetMap not detecting location of Photo4 days3slyronit
RV Sitemap not creating sitemap4 days1slyronit
Undefined array key "rate"5 days1mendip_discovery, Linty
14.4.0: fatal error: Cannot redeclare strip_html_in_metadata()5 days22windracer, OHappyDay, digitography, ...
error message when i open any gallery5 days8shami, erAck, dewluca, ...
Setting the album cover for an album folder5 days1Nucker, erAck
Piwigo 14.3.05 days10plg, michaelh99, Sylvain Nogues, ...
Getting please update to 14.4 but then no option to do so when I login5 days13digitography, erAck, OHappyDay
Is it an image hosting web application?5 days4alij2024, plg
Filter Keyword validate spins5 days1Peter__with a problem, Schneider-Fotografie
Writing EXIF:ImageDescription to the MySQL database pw_images:comment5 days4Otto_Riehl, erAck
OSWORLD MAP plugin - latest version (May'24) Warning: Undefined array1 week0ianmac
Video thumbnail on webspace without ffmpeg?1 week0rsv
Read tags from xmp sidecars1 week7rw22mhhs, ashetl, ddtddt
How to get Video work with Bootstrap Darkroom1 week3rsv, OHappyDay
Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource.1 week0pastor
Something happened - don't know what1 week4usascottwright, erAck, ddtddt
Mobile app unable to reliably batch upload1 week1cytherea
Adding characters to $conf['sync_chars_regex']2 weeks1wiedaar, erAck
How to bulk insert photo title, description , author.... from text fil2 weeks0wongAA
upload speed from ios on local network any way to improve?2 weeks1bushi, cryopad
Errors after uploading .jpg file2 weeks1kdmiller45, erAck
Homepage down: 403 Forbidden nginx/1.14.22 weeks1mortenschmidt, plg
Only one small problem using ip6 only stack for Piwigo2 weeks2dfowlkes, ari
No all jpg images showing when using Browser to view albums2 weeks0Dero
Geoblocking2 weeks2Schneider-Fotografie, erAck
Thumbnail Tooltip - date/time?3 weeks0neon
About permissions in the user panel3 weeks0gorselcreative
[resolved] Modus Theme, Drop down display issues3 weeks3Michael High
Piwigo installation on UNRAID3 weeks1mpardhi, bushi
Hello Everyone3 weeks0Steve Matthew
[resolved] Problem with sync in 14.43 weeks1AnthonyS
Read and set tags from IPTC metadata3 weeks5MannyGT, Otto_Riehl, kleiner_Hobbit, ...
[resolved] The import of metadata does not work reliably3 weeks6Otto_Riehl, erAck
HEIC not working3 weeks1mookak
Problem with adding an image to an additional album3 weeks0jclifford
Locked album3 weeks1Schneider-Fotografie, willem
Search by 'Image id'?3 weeks0willem

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