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Seeking a developer to embed Piwigo gallery into website44 minutes1stevebni, deheme
Move to new server - HTTP Error 5001 hour2GaryK4, Zentalquabula
Piwigo Client3 hours3extorn, plg
undeletable albums6 hours1deemon
Upload error? Stuck after 100%8 hours6Jyskip, erAck
Charlie's content installed... but not visible.1 day3Jonic, dmfisch, executive
[Plugin] Media Icon1 day10julien1311, ckong, pk_rulz, ...
OpenStreetMap support request1 day36Fabian Rodriguez, xbgmsharp, bocman, ...
[Plugin] Fotorama2 days57JanisV, mistic100, Tom77, ...
iOS app tag (and search) problems2 days1enronhubbard, cryopad
Piwigo 11.4.02 days14plg, windracer, nobby, ...
How To Add A Top-level Item To The Main Menu?4 days2stevebni, drlecter
[plugin] Advanced Metadata4 days71grum, yuragal, plg, ...
Unable to move image to another album4 days6thanatoast, Zentalquabula, erAck
11.x, related albums and performance issues4 days6plg, flop25, deemon, ...
ADVANCED MENU MANAGER links not visible after LOGOUT from Admin mode4 days1TENEFRANCIA, stevebni
Performance issue - excessive mysqld usage.4 days15deemon, plg, Zentalquabula, ...
Bootstrap Theme on Demo Site5 days7Ralf, plg, stevebni, ...
A few questions..5 days1Unonymous, Zentalquabula
High I/O usage revisited...6 days17PolyWogg, flop25, plg, ...
Bootstrap Darkroom: Remove "Contact Webmaster" from footer?6 days5stevebni, Katryne
Option to use time based One-Time-Password for login1 week0pert
Evil Blog post with pagebreak (read more label)?1 week0John.B
Total photos in a album1 week1kapak, ddtddt
Missing thumbnails1 week0stevebni
How to make the site title/logo point ot a different URL?1 week8stevebni, Zentalquabula, erAck
Single Edit mode 4031 week0TabulaRetina
You don't have permission to access /piwigo/identification.php1 week14jtheeuwes, TabulaRetina, RonS, ...
Problem changing photos sort order of large album1 week3Mark O'Shea, wreck, kos
Piwigo NG for Android1 week3remartin, deljones, plg, ...
Http Error 5001 week5lorindashop, executive, erAck, ...
Does it sound like Piwigo would be a good option for my family?1 week1dotawq, dummer-esel
Installing/Setup and I get "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to ..."1 week8kwgagel, executive, IamBorg, ...
[resolved] I've broken my install by messing with LocalFiles Editor :-(1 week1stevebni
Problem with image downloading1 week0ivimedia
Guest access1 week1sridharb
Share private album with non-users on cloud-hosted Piwigo1 week0maryb
MacShareToPiwigo - Unable to install on Big Sur1 week0Yonz
Add more than one Tag at a time1 week2Aderalia, nicolas, erAck
Upload Photos [FTP + Synchronization] - use files with special chars1 week5SourceCoder, petitssuisses, erAck, ...
Symlink over network1 week3zigjack, erAck
My solution to implement new image types for example ico, svg and webp1 week2SourceCoder, erAck
support for additional file types (adobe...)1 week2plg, erAck, piwent
PWG-ERROR-NO-FS error when adding photo but nothing is wrong1 week3martinis, erAck
Album descriptions are too short in Albums->Move1 week4Crythes, Matthieulp
Soft 404 errors1 week11buddhabaker, jnashpiwigo, executive
A top-level album for displaying images in the homepage?1 week0ecard
[resolved] Check for update failed for unknown reasons1 week2raffychan, erAck
metadata displays as question marks instead of text1 week15goldeneye243, erAck, flop25, ...
How can I allow users to associate their images with albums?1 week1sunderwind, Katryne

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