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Invalid previews are generated. Images change by themselves.1 hour24konde, BigIsland270972, BigIsland
generate multiple image sizes ERROR1 hour0konde
Exiftool setup1 hour12scottp, BigIsland270972
Android app: indicate already uploaded photos like on iOS4 hours2vankyan, remartin
Mandatory tag in photos12 hours1Mateus, ddtddt
Open Map plugin map displaced and too small18 hours4travelsignposts, a33mail2013, Katryne
Logo Upload21 hours0myVortexServers
Advanced Menu Manager has no content - Piwigo 13.6.01 day8kleiner_Hobbit, hannah, gueba, ...
Many plugins return error from1 day0Iza
Title is missing on photo page2 days4AK_CCM, BigIsland270972, Katryne, ...
sql error2 days2gullach, windracer
How to modify batchmanager thumbnail list of images to better and larg2 days1BigIsland270972
Image rotation problems2 days0scottp
Observation: Possible install error2 days0scottp
To @ddtddt @plg @TOnin @flop25 @Mathieulp Developers3 days0BigIsland270972
linking photos in piwigo? what file name to use?3 days9beepro, Phil35
Improve search engine!3 days2BigIsland270972, plg
Protecting piwigo with some authentication3 days2calanon, beepro, erAck
rotateImage - rotation not working - saved_angle not defined3 days1elijahbailey, BigIsland270972
[resolved] Truncated hyperlink URL in breadcrumb title3 days2BigIsland270972
AlloyPhoto Lightroom to Piwigo export plugin - no serial number4 days8Jan Becket, alexT., pr0xyfl00d3r, ...
Multiple-size5 days35plg, rvelices, flop25, ...
Trying to understand "Multi Image Size" option.5 days4merrickville, flop25, beepro
Albums not showing after update to 13.6.05 days6deWit-Johan, Katryne, erAck
Error displaying images on 13.5.0 and git master with PHP 8.1.25 days4ITNavigate, MaryStolle, erAck
MacShareToPiwigo - Unable to install on Big Sur6 days6Yonz, marcsins, vanitarium
Warning: Undefined array key "is_logged"6 days1mountwilson, erAck
Block download for not logged in users6 days0kazhrd
Concours Photo...a lot of problem :(1 week1WiBe
Installation Error1 week4myVortexServers, AbbieWarner, erAck
[SOLVED] Web upload 100% succesfull and stuck1 week10ShadowHunter, abravorus, erAck, ...
Piwigo gallery hacked1 week8beepro, Phil35
New experimental PhotoSwipe-based slideshow1 week9mmoy, plg
Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_nb_available_tags()1 week1hodgman, erAck
Bootstrap Darkroom: Remove "Contact Webmaster" from footer?1 week13stevebni, Katryne, AK_CCM, ...
Request for iOS app: display PDF files1 week1hgregg, cryopad
Batch Downloader Filenames1 week0kinsham
Index.html1 week1Eis-T, erAck
Corrupted Contact Link in Menu1 week0f3red
Swipe smartphone pictures1 week2dreamreader, OHappyDay
No confirmation when adding pics2 weeks0Colesmeister
Unable to login as admin2 weeks3KN, erAck
Error when updating from PHP 7 to PHP82 weeks5Dingo001, krisine888, ruthmarx, ...
Both Android Apps Dont Work while iOS app and Browser Does work2 weeks1Mchvatal, Ceepeebee
Android NG app2 weeks8brokencog, BigIsland270972, Ceepeebee, ...
Community Plugin - Upload through reverse proxy not working2 weeks1Ceepeebee
smartalbum problem2 weeks6gioagr, vishap, erAck, ...
Unable to upload SVG images in Piwigo 132 weeks2djtech, erAck
[resolved] To katryne2 weeks2BigIsland270972, Katryne
Help with FTP settings2 weeks5nixiemeer, BigIsland270972, erAck

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