Topic Freshness Replies Posters
iOS Upload Fail7 hours5MaestroJAL, Maxonchik, cryopad
Viewing pictures through IOS Piwigo app not generating view statistics9 hours3honken, cryopad
freelance for Piwigo1 day6plg, VDigital, highland, ...
Piwigo giving SSL connection error1 day0Skybound_Aviation
Piwigo onto Raspbian virtual environment (RPi 3 model b)1 day0hsphoto
403 Forbidden error when uploading a photo1 day1dirky, executive
Unable to check for upgrade1 day0Hitendra
VideoJS 2.9b4 days9Zentalquabula, hamjo, windracer, ...
Editing default copyright.png watermark4 days0Skybound_Aviation
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)4 days356teekay, Jessie, MarcRJacobs, ...
Embed Piwigo photos in WordPress6 days3samwilson, executive, drlecter
EXIF Metadata minor issue1 week2Skybound_Aviation
Piwigo 2.9.41 week30plg, andrewjs18, Zentalquabula, ...
Problems with IPTC Metadata and Search function1 week2ChristianSch, executive
Install page stalls1 week1kdmiller45, executive
Proble Grum Plugin Classes1 week6tameline, erAck, plg, ...
Testing1 week0executive
Default images per page.1 week1jodela, executive
php 7.2 errors1 week5andrewjs18, erAck, plg, ...
Move hosting to a new server1 week2kdmiller45, Jessy, executive
2,481,999 Photos , mysql always 800% CPU , need help ...1 week4kiwiyak, plg, teekay
How do you add a link to another website in piwigo?1 week5Skybound_Aviation, executive, samwilson
All albums are not staying private1 week9DerrickG72, executive
Expand Quick Search Box1 week2Mgbr, teekay
How to make thumbnail pictures in commentslist bigger?1 week1R.S
I don't want to use any themes- I just want the functionality1 week2Kristjan, teekay
Theme from https://piwigo.org1 week1spascual
Warning: Zend OPcache API is restricted by "restrict_api" config......2 weeks0volare
Language for non registered users.2 weeks2jodela, ddtddt
Error message after updating to 2.9.42 weeks3zjohn13, executive
I can not go to aministration tab anymore2 weeks7Pat2309, flop25, plg, ...
image crop sometimes get 1px issue2 weeks0kiwiyak
View On TV2 weeks2fenster, executive
Keep photos in a different directory on a bigger drive?2 weeks1graystarr, executive
Piwigo 2.10 in preparation2 weeks7plg, eberkund, cryopad, ...
Piwigo and google Ranking - upload method makes a difference3 weeks0J0nny
Feature request - Shopping Cart bigger product descriptions and terms3 weeks0J0nny
[call for help] Send us your testimonial3 weeks6plg, m-prol, ckong, ...
trying load exif data with exiftool3 weeks3ceinmart, executive
plugin to detect face & pixelate3 weeks1leonardo.g, executive
Cannot upgrade to 2.9.43 weeks3eberkund, Tpolim008, executive
GPS Data Display in Photo by LocalFiles Editor3 weeks2davidfungf, executive
mysql => mysqli3 weeks2huebi, plg
HTML Tags EVIL_Blog3 weeks0jj976
Thumbnails / Previews don't match originals3 weeks5targh86, executive
videojs and vlc?3 weeks4captenaj, executive, xbgmsharp, ...
Symlinks for galleries3 weeks4fbafkis, nicolas, windracer
[Plugin] Media Icon3 weeks8julien1311, Clouseau, ckong, ...
Email issues3 weeks2fm, executive
Complete rewrite of the admin pages3 weeks5mistic100, plg, flop25, ...

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