Topic Freshness Replies Posters
HTTP ERROR 510 when uploading1 hour8StifflersMoM, executive
android app8 hours1thefatsal, executive
Community plugin issues12 hours3Do_Checkor, executive
Virtualize one or several physical albums13 hours0abravorus
Slow upload with SSL21 hours3ra6768, erAck, Zentalquabula
Incompatibility with MySQL 8.0.21 day0jvolk
Photos in gallery not diplayed, but download works fine1 day1kminicki, executive
IPTC keywords usage - editing, search2 days20LouLin, executive, dd-b, ...
only see image placeholders after uploading photos2 days2mercuryraven, flop25
./_data/templates_c no write access2 days1lonlyboy, flop25
Stopped working over time.2 days0Norlig
PIWIGO uses smarty, considered obsolete, vulnerable by host3 days0djha2
Wired for sound - no sound when launch diaporama3 days0cycykewl
Server software update5 days4zjohn13, Zentalquabula, kuzco
Performance isue6 days1kuzco, erAck
Local sync hangs on a small gallery6 days2pigeontech, flop25
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)6 days328teekay, Jessie, MarcRJacobs, ...
Piwigo upload only one photo1 week6bug87, executive, jnashpiwigo
Deleted images receive status code 3021 week8John.B, executive
Registration - entering any email - error message1 week0PiwFan
Issues with images and not appearing correctly1 week6titaniumdesign, executive, flop25
Dark Bootstrap theme and Subscribe to comments plugin1 week1guimplenchik, sport
Error loading pictures.1 week1ra6768
Some albums using folder synchronization broken1 week1Drewski, executive
[Plugin] Share Album1 week23bonhommedeneige, deheme, executive, ...
Image Uploads are super fast1 week2ajayphp, flop25, executive
BIG problems today first time.1 week12georgeT, executive, flop25
[resolved] PHP errors on a fresh installed piwigo 2.9.31 week7Tanja84dk, Zentalquabula, executive, ...
Can I self host & be able to administer my photo galley using the app?1 week2wqyu, cryopad, executive
Performing auto login from iOS App1 week5convolution, cryopad, Lorenzo4web, ...
Migrating from XAMP to LAMP1 week5ra6768, Zentalquabula
Missing EXIF data1 week2marfig, teekay
Bunch of EXIF and create_function() is deprecated messages.1 week5mrcolj, executive
database recoverycreated1 week1johnmoriarty, executive
Multiple Pictures2 weeks2carltonb, executive, windracer
[resolved] [Tool] Convert all Virtual albums to Physical ones2 weeks15jimaek, terminus, thanorseman, ...
Piwigo on a NanoPi K1 plus2 weeks0Tpolim008
Full screen and zoom an image2 weeks1GaryK4, executive
[Plugin] Physical Browser Uploader2 weeks20eliz82, windracer, flop25, ...
Social Network Registration2 weeks8Lorenzo4web, teekay, executive
SSL certificate broken2 weeks4honken, plg, flop25
Entry page / popup?3 weeks1Jessicaj, Zentalquabula
Watermark Update thumbnails?3 weeks8ceyo14, executive, rvelices, ...
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)3 weeks18Ralf, flop25, plg, ...
No CSS on using Embedded Videos plugin3 weeks0DavidB
Community plugin, new generation for Piwigo 2.2+3 weeks254plg, eliz82, flop25, ...
I can not go to aministration tab anymore3 weeks3Pat2309, flop25
php 7.2 errors3 weeks4andrewjs18, erAck, plg, ...
libav the same as ffmpeg?3 weeks0captenaj
videojs and vlc?3 weeks2captenaj, flop25

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