Topic Freshness Replies Posters
Error 10451 minute0mbaumser
Setting up Piwigo for debugging...50 minutes3Erik Umans, executive, miblo69
Photos not being resized52 minutes1Kidbooo, executive
Access permission confusing1 hour11luisrosety, executive, erAck
Piwigo 2.7.1 with EPS, PSD, TIFF files supported1 hour3elvin, jdd, ddtddt
Lightroom star rating import11 hours9executive, eliz82, erAck
piwigo-videojs Unrecognized option 'hide_banner'19 hours0jppialasse
ImageMagick_GPS Revision 1.6 undefined variable20 hours0jppialasse
File upload fails23 hours2Dave_G, flop25
Copy PIWIGO system (everything) from server A to server B1 day2cferran, flop25, executive
Mobile view does not work on my Huawei 10 Pro.2 days1reinierdeman, balthes
Any issues with using 50k + images on Piwigo?4 days7e9coupe, Undergrid, flop25
PayPal Add-in / Digital Downloads5 days0kazjim
Can not upload in theme smart pocket6 days5Henkie, Francesco, atif, ...
Guest user causes entire image list to be loaded.6 days6Undergrid, executive, flop25
is 36MPixel too much for a raspberry pi 3B+?1 week0mobilevil
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)1 week393teekay, Jessie, MarcRJacobs, ...
Best way to "crowd source" image tagging?1 week0e9coupe
Guest usage sometimes requires login1 week0skycrestway
Documentation on Piwigo themes outdated?1 week1bh4017, executive
Passing a parameter into an Additional Pages page?1 week6Undergrid, ddtddt
Sort user list1 week2jonxvel, kdfx
Help with plugin "PHP Captcha for Piwigo"1 week3wildbi111, erAck
gallery photo does show on some mobiles.1 week6ufone, marklenders, Divers, ...
Guest Access1 week9fmueller, flop25, Undergrid, ...
[Plugin] Password Policy - Official support topic2 weeks2Eric, FotofuchsWW
Photo Filesize2 weeks1WRJones1984, flop25
possible? Merge tags and title - So that tags alter the title2 weeks3aleekr, Aderalia
Add an own page with database access2 weeks2HarryF, executive
Answer to Facebook Link Preview Not Working2 weeks2gnurob, michaelh99, eliz82
Login doesn't work properly under https2 weeks6pert, erAck, jemostrom
Give write access (chmod 777) to "_data/" directory at the root of you2 weeks0Hokidzhao
Piwigo for iOS iPhone App Crashes on Login2 weeks2esharef, cryopad
Updated and got an issue: Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for ./them2 weeks4id8tionist, teekay, deividasv, ...
Piwigo 2.9.42 weeks31plg, andrewjs18, Zentalquabula, ...
Can you take picture data and use it for keywording and metadata?2 weeks4wurdeman, executive, Aderalia
Ignore .png files2 weeks6Aderalia, flop25
writemetadata plugin2 weeks2jnashpiwigo, flop25
quests to the website cannot see albums - You are not authorized2 weeks2peterdellaq, Aderalia, flop25
users can only see virtual albums but not physical albums2 weeks0GATHH
Tags/Keywords - need for range search2 weeks8naponline, executive, Schmidtze
Portrait photo on Categories page2 weeks3stevep, windracer
Connection to server unavailable3 weeks19BaS@admin, wurdeman, erAck, ...
Windows Install3 weeks0DeepThought
User priviledges3 weeks0express
piwigo-openstreetmap - Google API no longer free?3 weeks2jnashpiwigo
blocking my website3 weeks2janmac, Aderalia, executive
Menu Random Photo - image types3 weeks0Jonic
err"=:405,"message":"The image (file) is missing",using pwg.images.add3 weeks0atkinja
striped theme with trouble showing backward and forward buttons3 weeks0nudelkiste

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