Topic Freshness Replies Posters
How to export pictures from one hosting to another hosting12 hours1VacationMemory, erAck
12.0.0RC2: Undefined array key messages (PHP 8)13 hours4windracer, erAck
Save/Rollback Configuration18 hours0vzafsinrwkppofygpv
12.0.0RC2: template overrides21 hours2windracer, plg
Table 'piwigo_lounge' doesn't exist23 hours1Serge D, plg
Import hierarchical keywords into the database1 day11qusi, TOnin, ddtddt, ...
Importing with thumbnails1 day6AJDesigns, TOnin, erAck
Groups and the userid2 days0Alex706
Custom CSS problems2 days1dd-b, TOnin
Rote Photo after update to 11.53 days0muekno
Piwigo 12.0.0RC23 days4plg, Katryne
Import existing file structure and organize in virtual albums3 days3weingeist, erAck
How to set default home page redirect to login page?4 days7Vanndy, plg, Midas, ...
OpenStreetMap Plugin for Piwigo 11.2.04 days8Sulisker, Katryne, ruman, ...
Album sorting doesn't work4 days3Garfield42, windracer
Docker Container Problem with /config/www/gallery/4 days1loones
Permissions4 days0milo695
Share Album, feedback on code5 days1plg, petitssuisses
Manual Album Sort5 days4JAK, Katryne, windracer
IPhone App User Delete Photo From Community Folder6 days1bro, cryopad
mobile useage6 days1hackindave, Katryne
Piwigo NG for Android6 days6remartin, howudodat, cmani, ...
Image Title -> Image Description6 days0rjpp
GEDCOM data1 week0JamesWood
Heif1 week25executive, eliz82, flop25, ...
Looking for help with issue cookieconsent and User Collections1 week1Netcie, Zentalquabula
Quick search error1 week2JamesWood, erAck
Piwigo Keeps Trying to Install1 week3sourvader, wildbi111
Piwigo Update error1 week9wildbi111, erAck
Optimize existing images1 week4sierra.bmwcca, erAck, Zentalquabula
MugShot feature request1 week0dd-b
Mugshot bug1 week1nerdnils, dd-b
Images with size smaller than MEDIUM are not displayed1 week2tiagoc, dd-b
Ratings not working1 week2kelly118, dd-b, erAck
[resolved] Long-standing problems with full-size images not displaying1 week1dd-b
Correct way to uninstall?1 week1piwiman, erAck
Sort order not working1 week5judecooks, jclifford, lifebylens, ...
Piwigo NG on Play Store (Early Access)1 week12remartin, Vincent Jouve, JTT, ...
Results of the Piwigo 2020 survey1 week4plg, Tmanok, Crythes, ...
Can't login after upgrade to 11.502 weeks16sierra.bmwcca, tiagoc, erAck
Can search result order be changed?2 weeks1mikelowndes
Is there a way to add custom field to filter by without using tags?2 weeks0thesolarwin
Filter photos by author without using tags2 weeks5thesolarwin, erAck, plg, ...
504 Errors2 weeks2Soldierbane, ibarot, erAck
[Theme] Bootstrap Darkroom (w/ PhotoSwipe, HTML5 video & more)2 weeks488teekay, MarcRJacobs, Jessie, ...
Theme design2 weeks1arthurdent, roxane
Piwigo 12.0.0beta22 weeks9plg, windracer, erAck, ...
Badly uploaded photos2 weeks2Albedo_cz, erAck
Cannot Get Piwigo to install on site2 weeks2notised, erAck
File storage coexistance with Photoshop album2 weeks3dsm1212, erAck

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