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Piwigo and Yunohost4 hours0siggi200
Data too long for column 'last_tag_ids' at row 17 hours1piwigouser1, erAck
Charlie's content wants to update itself every day15 hours2JJF, executive
Change Mail Notification Template1 day0ynikolaides
I'm volunteering for some core work1 day5pcronin, plg, shamsmehra90, ...
Import hierarchical keywords into the database1 day0qusi
Manage Properties Photos causes fatal error1 day2JJF, ddtddt, executive
CPU Utilization On Image Resize / First Load1 day2gnurob, executive
What would be the best workflow for bulk import of raw images1 day2manishsingh2901, executive, BallPython
PHP Warning - function 'tags_counter_compare' not found...2 days1gavcormack, erAck
Overlay/watermark request2 days2BillWill, executive, aircrewremembered
image srcset, picture element and cache ..3 days2lavinya, Zentalquabula
Image rotation - once again4 days13TheDoc, hgregg, executive, ...
Data corruption in piwigo database4 days1Cyress, susanm
thumbnails in iOS app regenerated for every device4 days4Tom123, cryopad, erAck
Piwigo Community Plugin upload and validate by specific group4 days1farizz, executive
Set different moderator for different album in community plugin4 days0farizz
How do you update thumbnails that are generated from pwg_represent?4 days1Crythes, BallPython
Nginx times out during the synchronization process4 days1djnoah, BallPython
cannot login via App from ios4 days0bdacasc
Thumbnails per page4 days9AntonLargiader, kozmob, aircrewremembered, ...
something about piwigo app confuse me4 days2peter054, cryopad, landyvlad
Direct image function on app4 days8gnfb, executive, cryopad, ...
How does it work ?5 days3Bernie, executive, BallPython, ...
Created a shell script for pwg_representative5 days2BallPython, erAck
Loading 80,000 photos and videos mix best practices5 days4isisyodin, BallPython, kc27, ...
Ineed help5 days3vaserra, BallPython
Ineed help5 days3vaserra, erAck, ddtddt
How to restrict members to their own folder but have sub albums5 days1Eddejessup, BallPython
Piwigo throws errors with PHP 7.4.75 days9StephanieM, erAck, executive, ...
How to set Landing page = login (only)?6 days2GreatGazoo, deheme
FCK editor change skin6 days0Eddejessup
Web forms tab is blank6 days2BallPython, erAck
Plugin no longuer maintained, Author seeks to pass it along, help!1 week0dmfisch
Square thumbs on Elegant theme1 week3Eddejessup, executive
Notice: Undefined offset: 11479 in /u/web/gallery/include/category_cat1 week0fulford
Forum search not working?1 week1Eddejessup, plg
Image Sizes Not Generated1 week18claidheamdanns, erAck, executive, ...
Request: Previous/Next Album Navigation1 week12miblo69, flop25, racoonradio, ...
New installation - Cannot connect to server1 week3hobbes487, erAck
Template-Extension Directory Missing?1 week0gatoruss
Argon2i password hash1 week0jaws
upload problems, partial files1 week2sebas, erAck
Introduction and first question regarding sql error myisam vs. innodb1 week1dadoc
Piwigo Community Plugin upload and validate by specific group1 week0farizz
Community plugin, new generation for Piwigo 2.2+1 week257plg, KungFuJosh, flop25, ...
Warning: Cookie "pwg_id" will soon be rejected1 week0BMS
‘Sort order’ and ‘Photo sizes’ icons without link for guest1 week0BMS
link thumbnails to original full image1 week0paolopiace
database migration1 week4guzmanldn, erAck, kc27, ...

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