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Can't get out of a theme13 hours1cjsantana, JTT
Fatal error: Undefined function get_root_url()18 hours1japierce1025, erAck
Getting errors when updating to Piwigi 12.3.01 day2JeT102, erAck, SpamikyPablo
12.3.0 and no announcement?2 days4matthys, plg
error update 12.3.02 days6SpamikyPablo, plg, homdax
Is there any way to revert changes I made on the gallery?2 days1ungodlythunder, MartaW
Piwigo 13 available in beta: we need your feedback!2 days13plg, elyograg, Jamess, ...
Piwigo turns 20!2 days5plg, ungodlythunder, Den, ...
[is_IS] Íslenska -Icelandic2 days29ddtddt, Wallster, gudjonsi, ...
Ban IP2 days4homdax, MartaW, ddtddt
mysql error 10643 days2JAK
Piwigo 12.3.03 days0plg
Piwigo 13.0.0beta24 days2plg, Matthieulp, Piwigoo
Videos won't centre in slideshow4 days0matchurchill
AlloyPhoto Lightroom to Piwigo export plugin - no serial number4 days7Jan Becket, pr0xyfl00d3r, rajdude, ...
Messages on sync5 days1AnthonyS, windracer
Albums and Sync5 days1AnthonyS, windracer
13.0.0beta1 unclosed if tag5 days2grantiago, kubikanber, petitssuisses
Linked albums admin data field not large enough1 week0JAK
History search - visitor's IP address1 week2JAK, rges
User Password1 week8hackindave, erAck, I_am_cats
Piwigo on TrueNAS [iocage] - instructions to set FAMP and Piwigo1 week12AfroUSA, rwattstci, sirkain, ...
Special characters - such as "é" - "sync_chars_regex" - not allowed1 week11tplowe56, casperse, flop25, ...
Bootstrap update error?1 week6stevebni, MartaW, I_am_cats
403 error attempting to access my piwigo URL1 week11landyvlad, MartaW, erAck, ...
Automatically add to virtual album?1 week0hog
Bootstrap Darkroom - No Titles and Descriptions in PhotoSwipe Diashow1 week0kleiner_Hobbit
Cannot manage users and groups after upgrade to 12.1.02 weeks9lleadl, arcanoid, lampik, ...
Sharing write access to albums2 weeks2chrysrobyn, I_am_cats
Hosting photos on a cloud storage2 weeks1kinsham, matthewh
Cannot delete photo from photo edit page2 weeks1JAK
Piwigo 12.0.0beta22 weeks10plg, windracer, erAck, ...
My solution to implement new image types for example ico, svg and webp2 weeks6SourceCoder, Nigel-Aves, arseniy, ...
Side effect of chane "height" datatype of mysql from smallint to midiu2 weeks0Orilyn
noindex, nofollow3 weeks4John.B, Katryne
template extension - Vorlagenerweiterung3 weeks3John.B, Katryne
Installation on Shared Host with DirectAdmin or cPanel3 weeks4Andrzej Klasén, erAck, I_am_cats
No photo displayed except after I refresh the browser page3 weeks4xuo, I_am_cats
cannot connect to server - installation page3 weeks2homesolutions, digby, erAck
[Plugin] gdThumb - Masonry style thumbs in your gallery - 1.0.203 weeks200Serge D, tnovak, windracer, ...
Add Photos Error3 weeks0rfcrum
13.0.0beta2 (PHP: 8.1.5) gives HTTP ERROR 500 during setup process3 weeks3kubikanber, erAck
PHP 8 support for Bootstrap Darkroom3 weeks4wernfried, erAck, XR219
Piwigo NG for Android3 weeks14remartin, JTT, Catfriend1, ...
Mailer error3 weeks4Audiomonk, erAck
Space Usage Incorrect Debian LXC3 weeks1Tmanok, erAck
Batch Update of Description3 weeks5mcl, railui, plg, ...
Site Migration - new4 weeks12Doombear, erAck, jnashpiwigo, ...
Error on file.index.tpl.php on line 2944 weeks7xuo, erAck, krishen
[Header Manager] Fatal error after Submit4 weeks10matthys, I_am_cats, erAck

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