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The following rules define the expected usage of the Piwigo forum, so that everyone can find quickly the answer to his problem or question.

Before opening a new topic
  1. search the documentation: it might already contain some answers
  2. use the "Search" function in the forum: the topic might have been discussed in the past
  3. browse the forum tags: other topics might be related to your question

If you don't find a satisfying answer, then feel free to open a new topic.

How to write a message
  1. Use a clear and precise topic subject

    The title of your message should describe your question, so others users will know what you're looking for without having to open topics they are not interested in.

    Examples of unwanted subjects:

    • "Help!"
    • "I have a problem"
    • "What shall I do?"

    Examples of appropriate subjects:

    • "Bug in RSS feed after 2.0.8 upgrade"
    • "Notification by mail of a new registered user"
    • "Forbid access to a IP address"
  2. Write in english

    The forum language is english, not a kind of pidgin made of abbreviations and SMS-style language: you are thus requested to write your message in an english that is understandable for everybody. Thanks to pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation rules as normally used in english.

    Think about proofreading your posts: everybody is allowed to make typos or spelling mistakes, but minimizing them will make reading easier, and lower the risks of misunderstanding or wrong interpretation as well.

  3. Don't write your message in capital letters

    A whole message in capital letters is very difficult to read, you will seem to be shouting, and that will often bring you back negative reactions.

  4. Restrict your topic to one question

    Open a topic for each different question. Later on, if the discussion drifts to another subject with the coming answers, think about opening a new topic: reading and searches will be easier for all the forum users.

  5. Refrain to edit a message previously posted

    Save the "Edit" function for typos fixing or to precise minor details immediatly after posting. To add content, you should rather create another message, in order to keep the topic consistent and clear for any reader.

  6. Do specify your technical environment

    To your question, forum users might need to know your installation specifications, especially as your problem might be linked to your own configuration, or has been solved in a more recent version. Indicate at least:

    • your Piwigo version number
    • the active plugins
    • your host
  7. Improve your message readibility

    Use the help formatting tools: BBcode, images, automatic links:

    • source code (HTML, CSS, PHP) mixed with the content of a message decreases its readability: always use BBcode to separate it in your messages, see help
    • you may attach several images to each message, so don't hesitate to provide screencopies to illustrate your queries
    • by using the automatic links functionality, you can easily reference other messages or topics, as well as extensions or bugs, see help
  8. To answer a message

    If the requester seems to have not searched the forum or the documentation before posting, ask him politely to read these Rules. You can also provide links to pages of documentation or forum discussions that could help him solve his problem. But a simple "do search!" is useless; better not to answer, and avoid getting annoyed with each other.

  • you are strictly prohibited from posting offensive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, threatening, sexually-oriented messages or any other message that violates any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being banned immediately and permanently (and your service provider internet being informed). The IP address of all posts is recorded to help in enforcing these conditions.
  • you agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to delete, edit, move or close any topic at any time.
  • as a user, you agree that all information you provide will be stored in a database. This information will not be disclosed to any third person or company without your agreement; however, the webmaster, administrator and moderators can not be held responsible for any hacking attempt that could lead to access these data.

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