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2022-07-28 16:11:06

I forgot to talk about the redesigned page of "extensions to update". It will be like this.

2022-07-23 13:05:46

awesome update!

2022-07-15 10:45:54

We're entering the "Release Candidates" stage for Piwigo 13. It means we're now focusing on fixing bugs. The new features you see in this release should be the final list for Piwigo 13.

This first release candidate fixes many bugs that we found by ourself or that were reported by the community. It also brings 4 new features.

1) Support for SVG files

They were already supported as "any file type", but Piwigo 13 is able to display the SVG file directly in the web page. If you use Piwigo to organize your logos or icons, you will really appreciate this enhancement! We've already worked on making Modus (default theme) and Bootstrap Darkroom (second most popular theme) compatible with this new feature.

2) Web upload for multiple formats
In Piwigo 13, the web upload form will get a switch to upload formats.

Multiple formats can be uploaded just like photos. The "multiple format" feature has been introduced 6 years ago in Piwigo 2.8 but you could only add them with the "synchronization" method. This method is less and less used, as opposed to the "web upload" method. You can now benefit from the multiple format with the web upload form.

But wait... what is "multiple format" exactly? It's possibility to extend a photo with additional formats. For example you have the JPG as basic photo and you extend it with a RAW file, a TIFF file, another JPG with CMYK color profile... anything you want. The formats are listed next to the photos as "download options".

3) Mobile applications promotion
Piwigo 13 will promote the mobile applications. Too many users don't know about them yet! (of course you can easily hide this banner)

As you certainly saw the news, Piwigo now has a solid proposition for mobile applications on both iOS (iphones) and Android (all other phones)

4) News from
Piwigo 13 will display the latest news (if it is less than 30 days old) from

Download Piwigo 13.0.0RC1

If you want to test but don't have the ability to install it, contact us.

Please, open a new topic in the beta testing forum for each problem you may encounter.

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