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2023-01-25 22:46:08

I've been looking for a Gallery 2 replacement for a few years, and all I can say is I wish I had found Piwigo sooner!  It was easy to install on Host Gator using their Softaculous app manager, and so far the learning curve has been fast.

I'm primarily using it to backup my camera photos as well as make them available to me wherever I am, but I also have some older Gallery folders that I will be restoring to their own albums.

The first few albums I uploaded using the Web UI, but I have tens of thousands of images to upload so FTP + Sync is the way to go for me.  I have run into a few naming issues (primarily spaces), so I may look into at least adding spaces in the list of acceptable characters (if possible).

I also downloaded digiKam to try out their export feature but it's not working with Piwigo in the latest version.  FTP works better for me anyways.

Great software, and thank you for continuing to support it!

2023-01-25 19:52:45

thanks a lot

2023-01-24 14:59:53

New release 13.5.0. It brings many small bug/design fixes. Especially in the administration dark mode. User manager gets details about its filters. For those who want extra security, it's now possible to deactivate install/update of extensions from the web administration. System activities, such as core updates or extensions install/update/activation/deactivation/restore are now logged into the activities and will be shown in a future release. To avoid too much noise on the activity list, normal users connections are now hidden.

Piwigo 13.5.0 release note

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