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2023-11-14 16:38:40

Claire wrote:

I hope this makes things clearer!

Very clear for me :-D

The idea behind this "who uses Piwigo?" page is not to recreate the showcase/directory of Piwigo we had a few years ago. It quickly became a mess to manage and we had to decide to deactivate it.

2023-11-14 15:36:03

Hi @Moko and @homdax, thanks for your comments !
I'll try to explain more precisely the source of the examples presented on this page.
First of all, we started with galleries we knew existed: we don't know most of Piwigo users!   
Moreover, this page is not intended to present all Piwigo galleries (that would be impossible!). The idea is not to be exhaustive, but to have a selection that represents the diversity of Piwigo's uses.
So we've chosen the most diverse examples possible, with different themes, graphic customizations...
I hope this makes things clearer!

2023-11-13 10:22:04

Moko wrote:

BTW, can you tell ys what is the source of the data? I've search "Personal websites / France" and haven't find my own piwigo website (

Same question here. Two of my galleries have existed for many years, 8 and 20 I think, started as "Gallery" and migrated to Piwigo when "Gallery" stopped its development. My sites are in my signature, yet only two really qualifies.

All hosted in Sweden.

2023-11-13 09:23:05

Interesting! I wish to have this page when I first start my Piwigo website :)

BTW, can you tell ys what is the source of the data? I've search "Personal websites / France" and haven't find my own piwigo website (

2023-11-10 11:39:24


A new page appeared a few days ago on the websites: the Who uses Piwigo? page.

The aim of this new page is to enable all site visitors, whatever their needs, profile and use of Piwigo, to find examples of similar users, for inspiration and to find out if Piwigo fits their needs.

On this page, you'll find user testimonials (all genuine) and examples of Piwigo galleries, as well as examples of organizations using Piwigo.

And the most interesting thing is that you can filter them by user category (photographer, association, company...) and by country.

This page replaces the former "Examples" and "Testimonials" pages, whose content was outdated and not interactive enough.

Pierrick, Alice, Hannah and I have put a lot of thought into creating this new page and making it as user friendly as possible.

For the record, all data is stored on a Piwigo space in albums, and organized with tags using the Tag Groups plugin. For translation, we use the Extended Descriptions plugin. So we can add a new testimonial or a new example, without having to touch the site!

We hope that this new page highlights the diversity of Piwigo's uses and allows you to discover a few hidden gems!

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