#1 2009-08-10 05:03:12

Translation Team
Oita, Japon

watermark plugin

What would be really nice for piwigo is a watermark plugin similar to the one with Gallery 2, which allows for multiple watermarks
Since Gallery 2 is opensource, I wonder if anyone more proficient in php than me know if it is possible to get the watermark plugin off gallery 2 and get it to work on piwigo? is it possible to convert or use a plugin from another plugin? how difficult would it be to do/learn?

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#2 2009-08-10 11:30:03

Piwigo Team

Re: watermark plugin

Although this subject was approached by numerous times, this plugin does not still exist, but I recommend the application of a watermark before the upload on your computer with for example that : available in english
It's not a question of conversion of an other plugin but a question of willpower and time , because it would be easy to make watermarks

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