#1 2010-03-28 00:34:47

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo release candidate 2.1.0RC1

Hello Piwigo community,

Piwigo team is proud to announce the first "release candidate" 2.1.0RC1. This release is for test only. You will discover features added since 2.0.x. We need as many feedbacks as possible from users so that we can fix bugs and achieve last modifications on the code. The better the user feedback, the better the 2.1.0 final release will be.

New functionnal features compared to 2.0.x:

* sort photos with drag & drop
* add photos from your browser (progress bar, automatic resize)
* theme manager (install a new theme is as easy as 1 click)
* language manager
* new "widget" to manage tags on a photo (create a new tag on the fly for example)
* guided first step
* design changes in the administration to improve usability (header dedicated to quick links, new organization for menu, and so on)
* administration can be "dark" or "clear", 1 click to switch

... and also at technical level:

* compatible with SQLite
* compatible with PostgreSQL
* new architecture for themes (=> theme creation will be much simpler now)


- download:
- beta testing forum:

Please, use the beta testing forum (and not this topic) to give your detailed feedback (general feedback is OK in this topic), it will be much simpler to close issues.

Note: there is no upgrade script from any previous release of Piwigo, we will add it in the next weeks.


#2 2010-03-28 10:44:10

Former Piwigo Team
Paris (FR)

Re: Piwigo release candidate 2.1.0RC1

Let me thanks the whole team for this coming release. I did not invest my time on it this time so I can do it.

Those who code it did a real good job, with a lot of experimentations which some have been delayed, they did a lot to be usable and propose a user-friendly release so I have a full respect of them and I will invite you for being supporter of Piwigo.

Now as said plg: "Please, use the beta testing forum (and not this topic) to give your detailed feedback (general feedback is OK in this topic), it will be much simpler to close issues.

Thanks to all.
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#3 2010-04-23 21:00:03

usa till nov - then Austria

Re: Piwigo release candidate 2.1.0RC1

First - "Thank you" for existing. Although I just registered today, I have been following the progress since ca 1 year.
Am now very excited about the hopefully soon stable enough release of 2.1x
because I am saying good by to gallery2 etc. after many years.
Have also used director and ssp pro, liked it but accomplishing any deeper customization - a real pain if not impossible. So, the beautiful visual of theirs is simply not enough.

Followed Piwigo for that very reason: visually beautiful, and now tech end is soon becoming equal to the so popular gallery2, if not even much better.

Congratulations to a beautiful gallery and the enormous effort .
Am installing the 2.09 and eagerly await the upgrade. Since I am on a production server I don't dare to use the 2.1 yet, although very tempted.

Piwigo is CLASSY, has a great community and am happy to be here now.


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