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postgresql error on mass FTP upload and synchronisation

Hi all,

I created my first piwigo site using debian packages of Piwigo

Piwigo version

        * Piwigo 2.2.2


        * Operating system: Linux
        * PHP: 5.3.6-12 (Show info) [2011-06-20 16:41:37]
        * pgsql: 9.0.4 [2011-06-20 16:41:37.074918+02]


        * 3090 photos (first photo added on Saturday 18 June 2011)
        * 33 albums including 33 physical and 0 virtual (3090 associations)
        * 0 tags (0 associations)
        * 11 users
        * 0 groups

I uploaded all my album and thumbnails into the gallery folder by FTP.

I then went on the administration page and clic on the "Quick Local Synchronization"

I worked just great ! Had all my pictures ready to be managed and displayed.

The issue occurs when I upload a new series of pictures by FTP (new album or new pictures in existing album), when I clic on the quick synchronization i have the following error message :

Warning: pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: DETAIL: the key « (id)=(7) » already exists. in /usr/share/piwigo/web/include/dblayer/ on line 193 INSERT INTO piwigo_images (id,file,date_available,path,tn_ext,storage_category_id,added_by) VALUES('7','02102010703.jpg','2011-06-20 16:26:41.328835+02','./galleries/2010-10-02-Rome/02102010703.jpg','jpg','3','1')...

i don't know if the id is incremented for each picture added ? but if it should, there is a bug in the first import and synchronization since i uploaded the first time merely 3000 pictures. So i find very strange to have an id at 7 now.

I'm stuck here and cannot add any other pictures.

Don't hesitate to ask me for every piece of information you think valuable to help you.




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