#1 2012-11-20 00:27:44

Piwigo Team
Nantes, France, Europe

Piwigo 2.50beta3

Hello Piwigo beta testers,

Following [Forum, topic 20585] Piwigo 2.5 roadmap, here comes Piwigo 2.5.0beta3. This version is for test only, so don't install it on your live website.

1) Changes

Here is the list of changes compared to Piwigo 2.5.0beta2:

* [Bugtracker] ticket 2786
* [Bugtracker] ticket 2780

2) Screenshots

On albums list, you can easily see the physical albums (physcial album = created as a FTP directory)

In the Batch Manager, you can filter photos on dimensions (width, height and ratio), feature introduced in beta2 and improved in beta3 with a better user interface.

3) Start to beta test

Download Piwigo 2.5.0beta3

Please, try to open a new topic in the beta testing forum for each problem you may encounter.

Piwigo 2.5.0RC1 will be released in 2 weeks, with new features.

Happy 2.5 beta testing!


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